Setting New Standards: 2017 Nissan Titan Design

2017 Titan design

Titan Twins

The new 2017 Nissan Titan design is unlike ever before. You’ll find a rugged exterior, comfortable interior, plenty of seating, and the latest gadgets. This pickup also comes with improved capabilities thanks to a powerful engine and lightweight design, while an innovative transmission and suspension make your ride smoother than ever. Learn more about the 2017 Titan today.

According to Burlington County Times, the new 2017 Titan comes with a range of features. This full-size pickup has an available Cummins V8 engine with plenty of power, helping you to tow heavy loads and drive in harsh conditions. The model also comes with a shorter length and lower ride height, giving it a more stable center of balance.

Design improvements include a unique grille, with active shutters to improve airflow and aerodynamics. A spray-in bed liner protects your truck from cargo, and a number of tie-down hooks and a lockable storage box are perfect for hauling equipment and other supplies.

The interior has it all, with available features like vinyl flooring, stain-resistant cloth seating, and more. You can also opt for heated steering and seats, wood trim, and chrome accents. Plus, with an Around View camera you can easily maneuver tight parking spots.

Check out the new 2017 Nissan Titan at Nissan of Durango in Durango, CO. This rugged model comes with a revamped exterior, comfortable interior, and the latest gadgets. Plus, with a new powertrain option, this truck is perfect for any job.

Best Place to Visit in Colorado? Check out Dinosaur, CO

best place to visit in Colorado

Dinosaur, Colorado

Hop in your car and take a trip around Colorado. There are a number of locations to visit, from out in the boonies to the best stretches of road in the region. In fact, one small town named Dinosaur is well worth the trip for any native or visitor. You won’t want to leave the driver’s seat once you stop by the best place to visit in Colorado.

According to OnlyInYourState, you can stop by Dinosaur, Colorado in the northwest corner of the state. This city is known for its surprising name, which it received in 1966 thanks to a unanimous vote by the citizens. There are a number of dinosaur replicas to see around town, as well as creative road names and quaint signs. Plus, the city is close to the Dinosaur National Monument, home to over 800 paleontological sites and fossils. If you’re a dinosaur buff, you’ll love to drive around in this city.

This national park is a whopping 210,844 acres, with steep cliffs and a number of attractions. You can touch real dinosaur bones that jut out from the canyon walls, or you can take a hike through the grassy plains. Uinta Fremont petro glyphs also tell a fascinating story about our primitive ancestors, while the scenic overlooks in the area are truly breathtaking. Stop by Dinosaur, Colorado today—this is one road trip you won’t forget.

If you have been to these place, let all of us at Nissan of Durango in Durango, CO know how you liked it.

Nissan Trike… Not Bike

Nissan trike

It’s Not A Bike. It Is A Trike

Nissan doesn’t only make cars. They’ve taken their skills and knowledge to make something even cooler with the Nissan name on it: a Nissan trike!

The English Institute of Sport and Nissan GB worked together to design and construct a titanium trike. It’s a modified version of a bicycle that fits the needs of David Stone, London 2012 Paralympic champion. The process started in 2014 with a laser scan of Stone’s former bike. The Nissan Innovation team then analyzed how they could make improvements from that bike to create one that worked even better for Stone.

A titanium material was chosen that made the new trike a whopping 18% lighter than its predecessor. Because the trike dropped this weight, it means that Stone will have quicker acceleration and better handling around corners.

Just as there’s a lot that goes into making a car, there’s a lot that goes into making this specialized trike, too! Nissan used a process to build and test the trike that was very similar to building and testing their cars.

“The David Stone trike project was chosen as it offered potential for significant improvement and could directly benefit from our in-depth experience of vehicle design and manufacture,” said Alec Patterson, R&D Project Manager.

What will Nissan build next? Let us know what you think in the Nissan of Durango blog comments below, or visit us in Durango, CO today.

Haunted Places in Durango, CO

Haunted places in Durango

Scary Fun in Durango, CO

Halloween is approaching, which means it’s time to enjoy some of the creepiest, crawliest places in Durango. There’s lot of things you can do to get in that spooky mood, so how about you head out to see some real spooks? Here are some haunted places in Durango.

Strater Hotel

Built originally on a railroad in 1880, guests and employees of this hotel have reported sightings, so don’t be surprised if you see a man in period clothing hanging out in the halls. If you stay here, you can check out the “Ghost Diary” in every room, where people write down their experiences.

Leland House Bed and Breakfast

There’s something about bed and breakfasts that feel eerie… especially this one! Guests have said that they’ve woken up early in the morning to find an elderly man in a white hat standing over the bed. Room Six is as ominous as its number, many guests reporting hearing laughter in their room with no one else there and feeling somebody sit down on the bed next to them.

Rochester Hotel

This hotel is right across from the spooky bed and breakfast. Rumors are it’s just as haunted and that a woman in an old-fashioned dress wanders the hotel at night.

Have you had any haunted experiences in Durango? If not, check out these places and let all of us at Nissan of Durango in Durango, CO how it was.

Nissan Bladeglider Symbolizes Nissan Intelligent Mobility Strategy

Nissan Bladeglider

Nissan Design of the Future

The high-performance electric Nissan BladeGlider, which debuted last month in Rio de Janeiro, brings together cutting-edge technology with performance-oriented sport design to create the most innovative electric vehicle ever.

The BladeGlider prototype was developed from concept cars Nissan showed at the Tokyo Auto Show in 2013 and now “epitomizes Nissan’s drive to expand its Intelligent Mobility strategy,” according to president and CEO Carlos Ghosn. The BladeGlider is the first car to achieve sports car-like performance while producing no emissions, and Nissan is aiming for an all-electric future for sports cars.

Named for its ability to “glide” silently along the ground thanks to its incredibly quiet electric motor, the BladeGlider features wheel-mounted controls that feed into a display showing data such as speed and battery life. The power is courtesy of UK-based Williams Advanced Engineering, who designed the motors to go 0 to a 100 km in less than 5 seconds and reach speeds up to 190 km.

Designed to look as innovative as it is, the BladeGlider is a long, narrow car with one seat in front and two in back, the shape reminiscent of a rocket ship. With bright color options in green and orange, the BladeGlider stands out like no other vehicle.

You can see the same amazing design in all of the Nissan vehicles at Nissan of Durango in – of course -Durango, CO.

Best Durango Off-Road Trails

Durango off-road trails

Driving Where The Roads End

Colorado is the place to go for off-roading, and some of the best trails you can find are right around Durango. Take your 4×4 out to one of these awesome Durango off-road trails.

One of the most exciting, and definitely the most famous, is Black Bear Pass, which is the perfect trail to drive in summer. With tons of sharp turns and steep drops, this narrow trail has loose shale that makes it difficult to stay on the road. If you want a real challenge, check out Black Bear.

La Plata Canyon is less treacherous, but you trade all that dangerous fun for some truly beautiful views. Plus, the main trail branches off into mines and milling sites that offer more 4×4 adventure. Ophir Pass Road is another easy trail, so if you’re new to off-roading, start with this one. Like La Plata, it has beautiful views of San Miguel Valley and Lizard Head Peak.

Stony Pass is a little tougher, a seemingly endless 62-mile trail that also gives you access to plenty of hiking trails and camping sites. Finally, there’s Animas Forks, which is accessible by normal car but the easiest to take in a 4×4. Not the hardest trail, but you get to see the 12-building ghost of the town that was once the biggest town in the county. It’s a cool place to visit, and there are even guides who can take you on a tour!

Whether you live near Durango, CO or you’re an off-roading fan hoping to visit Colorado soon, these are some of the most fun and diverse trails you’ll find in the state, so check them out and tell all of us at Nissan of Durango!

2017 Nissan Frontier Preview

2017 Nissan Frontier

The City Is The New Frontier

The Nissan Frontier is a midsize pickup known for offering durability, reliability, and strength that can compete with American-made trucks. The newest model is set to arrive later this year and Nissan has been pretty forthcoming with the specs and features. Here at Nissan of Durango, we have plenty of juicy details about the 2017 Nissan Frontier!

For the moment, the 2017 Nissan Frontier will be available at the same price as the 2016 model, starting at $18,290. There’s no word as to whether the interior will be entirely redesigned but if the exterior receives one, it’s likely the interior will as well.

The big news surrounding the new Nissan Frontier is the addition of diesel engines, including a Cummins engine. With demand for diesel engines in midsize trucks increasing, a diesel Frontier couldn’t come at a better time. While Nissan hasn’t revealed any specifics, enthusiasts have speculated far and wide.

The Desert Runner show truck packed a 2.8-liter Cummins diesel four-cylinder engine that produces around 200 hp. While that may not seem like much, keep in mind that diesel engines provide high torque at low rpm, in this case, around 350 lb-ft of torque. Mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission, the new engine is likely to provide better fuel economy than the 4.0-liter V6 engine found in the 2016 model.

We can’t wait for the 2017 Nissan Frontier to come to Nissan of Durango and the Durango, CO area. If you want to see a Frontier now, then take a look at our 2016 Nissan Frontier models.

Old West Gunfight in Durango, CO

Old West Gunfight

Belle Saloon by Scott Smith

Reliving the dramatics of the Wild West is something of a past time here in Colorado and it’s something the Diamond Belle Saloon does well. Depicting popular gunfights from the 1800s, the theatrical reenactments are something you won’t find anywhere else. Supported by the Strater Hotel, the Old West Gunfight is a ton of action packed into a short amount of time.

The theatrical gunfight takes place at the Diamond Belle Saloon and is historically accurate according to records. Mainly taking place in the 1800s, Old West gunfights typically involved at least two participants, the wanted man and the lawman.

Some parts of the gunfight also include one of the Saloon Belle girls as well. Interested in getting in on the action? Guests have the opportunity to play a role in the gunfight for a small fee.

Reenacted gunfights include those that actually happened, including the O.K. Corral shootout of 1881 that took place in Tombstone, Arizona.

The theatrical reenactments take place on August 10th, 17th, 24th, and 31st from 7:00 to 7:20 p.m. Trust us when we tell you it’s something you have to see!

We here at Nissan of Durango, CO can’t wait to see the Old West Gunfight in person this year!

Introducing the 2017 Nissan Pathfinder

2017 Nissan Pathfinder

The Pathfinder Finds Upgrades

The 2017 Nissan Pathfinder is even better than its predecessors. With new, innovative technologies, the Nissan Pathfinder is more ready than ever for your next adventure.

You’ll get next-generation infotainment features with the all-new Pathfinder, like a color touch screen one-inch bigger than the previous 7.0-inch display. Plus, you’ll get improved graphics so operating your infotainment system will be easier than ever.

Here are some of the best features in the all-new Pathfinder:

Rugged Look

The 2017 Pathfinder has a more rugged look than its predecessors thanks to its all-new front fascia. The headlights are reshaped and feature a unique shape that stand out and increase your visibility.

Added Safety Features

Now there are even more features to prevent collision when you’re behind the wheel. Added features include automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, and Moving Object Detection.

Improved Suspension

Want better handling? The all-new Pathfinder has your back. Front and rear shock absorbers are stiffer and the rear spring rates are increased by 25%.

NissanConnect Services

Added to the Pathfinder is this top service program, with a host of security and safety features that allow you to call for help in emergencies and before emergencies.

For more information on the Nissan Pathfinder contact any of us, at Nissan of Durango in Durango, CO!

Tips on Travelling with Pets

Travelling with pets

He’s Preparing Mentally For The Journey Ahead

Road trips can be fun but when you’re doing them with pets along for the ride, it can be that much more difficult. Whether you have a cat or a dog along for the ride, here are some tips on travelling with pets.

ID Them

Make sure before you load them up that they have proper identification. Even if they’re microchipped, external identification will help you, too.

Plan Pit Stops

Plan stops every two to three hours to give your pet a chance to drink some water and go to the bathroom.

Put Cats in a Carrier

While your dog just loves being around you, your cat loves being at home. So being loose in a vehicle might freak them out and they might even try to climb under your pedals. Keep them in a carrier.

Test Runs

Before the big trip, take your dog or cat on test drives around the neighborhood. That way, they get used to the feeling of a car.

Pack the Essentials

Pack everything you’ll need, like food, water, a litter box, plastic bags, bedding, toys, and any first aid things they might need.

Good luck and road trip on! Let all of us, at Nissan of Durango, know if these tips helped and visit us in Durango, CO when you have some time!