Nissan Denies Claims of Electric Production Cuts and Offers No Charge to Charge

Fret not, supporters and buyers of the Nissan electric vehicle initiative! The game is still on.

Nissan has recently dismissed the claims that it was reducing its production of electric vehicles at its plant in Tennessee. In an official statement made by spokesman Travis Parman, as quoted by Industry Week, “The Renault-Nissan Alliance remains 100 percent committed to its industry-leading EV program.”

No Charge to Charge

This zero-emissions brainchild of chief executive Carlos Ghosn has been a global effort to become a leader in eco-friendly vehicles. Through the combined efforts of Nissan and Renault, the Nissan LEAF has become the top-selling highway-capable electric car on the market.  As a promotion for LEAF drivers, a 2-year No Charge to Charge program will allow drivers to charge their EVs for free at any of the nation-wide Nissan-installed charge stations. Nissan’s commitment to this initiative is strong and will continue into 2015 and beyond.

What is true is that the Alliance is now examining its strategy for these batteries, possibly moving its battery production from the US and England to the plant in Korea. Whether this will happen or not is still not set in stone, but the amount of production will definitely not see any cuts in the imminent future.

With Nissan’s efforts for the future of the car industry and our planet, you know your values for the future are shared here at Economy Nissan.

Nissan Built the Perfect Adventure Vehicle with Help from Facebook Fans

For those who love the outdoors, you may always be on the lookout for the perfect adventure vehicle. Nissan started Project Titan with that goal in mind and, with the help of its Facebook fans, it created the ultimate vehicle to take on the Alaskan wilderness.

Project Titan is officially completed now with Nissan Facebook fans voting on numerous modifications including the camo-inspired wrap, accessory lighting, a NISMO cold-air intake, and more. Check out this video to see the build in progress.

Now, two Wounded Warrior Project Alumni will co-pilot the Titan through the wilderness to see just how far it can go. David Guzman, an army veteran, will be joined by Kevin McMahon, who spent 31 years in the military in both the Army and Marine Corps.

You can follow their adventure on Nissan Truck’s Facebook page. There you can see photos and videos of the journey.

Did you participate in the online voting for Project Titan? Want to create your own adventure vehicle? Head over to Economy Nissan today and check out the lineup of rugged Nissan vehicles.

Nissan Shows It Can Have Fun with Nyan Cat GT-R

The internet is filled with all sorts of bizarre things that seemingly defy explanation. One of these is the immense popularity of a pop tart-bodied animated cat, called Nyan Cat. Since 2011, the YouTube video of this cat steaming a rainbow across the sky has garnered more than 100 million views! See how long you can make it through the 3 and a half minute video (less than a minute over here).

Since then, pictures of the cat and its accompanying animated GIF can be found all over the internet.

Nyan Cat GT-R

We couldn’t find video of the Nyan Cat GT-R so we settled for watching the original video instead.

With this in mind, electronic music star and music producer, Deadmau5 (that’s pronounced “dead mouse”) had a custom Nyan Cat wrap created for his 458 Italia Ferrari, which he lovingly named “Purrari.” Ferrari wasn’t so happy about it and sent him a cease and desist letter to remove the custom wrap. He eventually removed the wrap because he was selling the car.

Now, Nissan wants to show it knows how to have fun by creating a Nyan Cat GT-R to replace the 458 and even put a custom “Spec” badge with the Deadmau5 logo beneath the GT-R insignia. The image of the modified Nyan Cat GT-R appears to only be a Photoshop job, but it’s a pretty good one and shows off Nissan’s sense of humor.

Here at Economy Nissan, we’ll definitely have to side with Deadmau5 on this one. It would seem that once you purchased something like a car, you would have the freedom to do whatever you wanted with it. Great job, Nissan on showing Ferrari how to have a little fun.

Nissan Heisman House Returns for College Football Season

College football season is in full swing, which for many people means it’s the most wonderful time of the year. One of the most exciting aspects of college football is watching the Heisman Trophy candidates progress through the season with one champion coming out on top.

For the fourth year, Nissan brings back its popular Heisman House campaign, which imagines what it would be like if Heisman Trophy winners from all ages lived together under one roof. Obviously, hilarity ensues as the older generation clashes with the younger winners and old rivalries are played out.

This year’s campaign stars 11 Heisman Trophy winners, including Marcus Allen, Tony Dorsett, Robert Griffin III, Ricky Williams, John David Crow, Johnny Maziel, George Rogers, Roger Staubach, Billy Sims, Andre Ware, and Charles Woodson.

“Nissan’s Heisman House brings to life a fantasy for most college football fans—just hanging out with some of the best college football players that ever played the game,” said Fred Diaz, senior vice president, Nissan Sales & Marketing and Operations, Nissan North America, Inc, in a statement. “Not only is it great to join ESPN in bringing a little more fun and excitement to games this fall, Nissan is particularly proud to play a role in some of the rewarding work of the Heisman Trust.”

There are six humorous scenes that explore the Heisman winners’ life together, including one where the legendary Roger Staubach has to share a room with rookie Johnny Manziel.

Visit the Nissan Heisman House online to watch all of the fun. Which video is your favorite?

Nissan Crowns Next GT Academy International Champion

Nissan just can’t stop making dreams come true and has crowned the newest GT Academy International Champion - Ricardo Sanchez from Toluca, Mexico.

GT Academy International Champion

Ricardo now joins the ranks of other GT Academy champions, such as Lucas Ordonez, Jann Mardenborough, and many more. These champions have stunned the racing world by showing how someone can go from virtual to reality and not only drive well, but win races.

For the next four months, Ricardo will be in one of the most intense, advanced driver development programs in the world and will join the NISMO racing team in the Dubai 24 Hour race in January 2015.

The Nissan GT Academy International competition included hundreds of thousands of gamers from Australia, India, Mexico, the Middle East, and Thailand—each playing Gran Turismo on PlayStation to earn a spot at Race Camp. Ricardo came through the National Finals as one of 28 international competitors, representing six countries.

At Race Camp, the competitors spent six days showing off their skills both on and off the track, but ultimately, Ricardo’s hard work paid off.

Join with us here at Economy Nissan as we wish Ricardo success in his future as a NISMO athlete.

Blind Man Sets Land Speed Record in a Nissan GT-R

Driving with limited visibility can be extremely unnerving and dangerous. Most of us have experienced this to one degree or another–whether from a foggy windshield, heavy rain, or whiteout snow. Now imagine being unable to see and driving over 200 mph!

That’s exactly what Mike Newman from Manchester, England just did. He set a land speed record in a Nissan GT-R tuned up to 1,000 horsepower all without seeing a thing. He now holds a record of 200.9 mph on land for a blind person. This was an average speed over two runs.

He was able to accomplish this amazing feat with the help of his step-father who acted as his navigator in a chase car behind him. Newman set this record at the Elvington Airfield in North Yorkshire.

Watch this short video to see his emotional reaction to setting this monumental record.

In addition to setting land speed records, Newman runs a charity called Speed of Sight, with which he hopes to help other disabled people experience the thrill of racing.

His next goal? He wants to break his own blind water speed record.

Win a Nissan Altima in the ‘Keep Summer Rolling Service Sweepstakes’

Nobody likes taking their car in for service, but this summer Nissan wants to make it a little fun with the 7th “Keep Summer Rolling Service Sweepstakes.” In this contest, you have the chance to win a Nissan Altima, Rogue, or 370Z.

“Vehicle maintenance rarely tops the list of preferred activities for any owner. Our Nissan Keep Summer Rolling Service Sweepstakes brings new life and excitement to ownership and highlights the importance of regular service,” said Kent O’Hara, Vice President, Aftersales, Nissan, in a statement. “Nissan is committed to customer and vehicle service excellence. With factory-trained technicians, advanced diagnostics and genuine parts and service as their pillars, dealers pledge to provide an unparalleled customer experience to each and every owner.”

win a Nissan Altima

A new 2014 Nissan Altima could be yours!

The only requirement for entering this contest is to either own or lease a Nissan vehicle. Then, head over to Nissan’s site and enter your Nissan’s VIN or a PIN found on a Nissan Summer Service flyer. You have until September 30 to enter and you could be one of hundreds of instant winners.

And, while you’re setting your sights on trying to win a Nissan Altima, thank your current one by scheduling some routine maintenance at Economy Nissan.

Nissan Emphasizes Rigorous Testing Process with ‘Tough Love’ Campaign

When you’re in the market for a commercial van, you want something that will last and hopefully something that you will love. With Nissan’s new “Tough Love” campaign, its lineup of NV commercial vans may be the perfect solution.

Nissan has released a four-minute video featuring rocker Bret Michaels singing the ‘80s rock ballad “Endless Love.” If you can put your feelings about him aside, it’s a pretty cool video and shows off just a small handful of the more than 6,000 brutal tests every Nissan van goes through during its rigorous testing process.

“With this new campaign we really want to show buyers that Nissan builds a van that can keep up and never let the owners down, because when their vans are down, so are their businesses,” said Fred Diaz, senior vice president, Nissan Sales &Marketing and Operations, in a statement. “With Bret Michaels’ help, we’re showing that Nissan commercial vehicles are tested to perform. These are vehicles owners can depend on year in and year out, through all sorts of conditions.”

To learn more about the specific test and to see more of Bret Michaels, check out Nissan’s YouTube channel. Then, come visit us at Economy Nissan to see the Nissan NV vans for yourself.

Nissan Versa Note Nismo Turns the Compact Extreme

Nismo, which is an abbreviated form of Nissan Motorsport, is the performance division of Nissan. It is currently in charge of Nissan’s racing division, including the Super GT and FIA GT Championship. Nissan also uses Nismo to add a little spice to its lineup.

The most recent amped up car may surprise you as it is the smallest, most economical car in Nissan’s lineup. Say hello to the Nissan Versa Note Nismo. The 2014 Versa Note was already a cool car and Nissan has made it even cooler.

Nissan Versa Note Nismo

The Nissan Versa Note Nismo is no GT-R Nismo, but it will get branded with similar performance mods from the regular version.

Nissan will release Nismo and Nismo S trims of the compact five-door hatchback this fall in Japan. Unfortunately, it won’t be headed to our shores. The Versa Note Nismo will feature upgraded tires, sport seats or optional Recaros, an upgraded appearance and aerodynamic package, a more rigid body structure, and some sporty red accents throughout.

As far as what difference these changes will make in actual performance, Nissan hasn’t said.

What Nissan car would you love to get the Nismo treatment next?

Nissan’s Self-Parking Cars Coming Soon

Self-driving, or autonomous cars have always seems like a distant future in the automotive industry, but that future will be here sooner than you might think. Auto makers are working quickly to get autonomous features into new models and Nissan has just announced that it will introduce self-parking cars by 2016.

self-parking cars

Nissan’s self-parking cars will just be the first step towards autonomous driving. While letting go of the steering wheel and letting your car take over may seem scary, it will actually keep everyone safer by reducing traffic congestion and helping to eliminate accidents caused by human error.

After the autonomous parking feature is introduced in 2016, Nissan plans to offer vehicles that will change lanes automatically in 2018, and by 2020, cars will be able to handle intersections as well.

Here at Economy Nissan, we eagerly look forward to the future of the automotive industry. How do you feel about cars that can drive themselves? Are you counting down the days until you can be a passenger during your morning commute?