Refreshed 2016 Nissan LEAF Offers More Range, Technology

2016 nissan leaf

This White Nissan LEAF Is Green

The refreshed 2016 Nissan LEAF has arrived featuring improvements in range and technology. With the incoming LEAF, Nissan has shown the same kind of ingenuity and design prowess that brought us the original LEAF back in 2010.

Pick up the LEAF SV and LEAF SL models this time around and you will enjoy the best range in the EV class. A new 30 kWh battery permits a range of 107 miles, thanks to an 80 kW A synchronous motor. In total, the LEAF delivers 107 horsepower, making for a “highly responsive, fun-to-drive experience,” according to a press release from Nissan.

Not only will you be able to travel further in the new LEAF, you will be able stay better connected. For the LEAF S models, the automaker is making standard the NissanConnect infotainment system with Mobile Apps feature included, all displayed in a high-resolution 5-inch color display. For the upper trim levels, SV and SL, the display screen grows to seven-inches, adds Navigation and Nissan Voice Recognition.

Regardless of the trim level, you receive a terrific, eco-friendly vehicle with the 2016 Nissan LEAF. Stop in to Economy Nissan to learn more about the Nissan LEAF at Economy Nissan today!

Futuristic Car Technology Offers Look Into Future

futuristic car technology

Nissan Is Leading the Way In Technology

In the movie Back To The Future II, released in 1989, the filmmakers depicted the year 2012. In their estimate, all cars would have the capacity to fly. As we all know, 2012 came and went and no flying cars. It doesn’t look like we will see flying cars anytime soon, if at all. But here is some futuristic car technology that you might see soon!

Energy-Storing Body Panels

In the Future Car Tech may not have a battery. That’s because a group of automakers have been experimenting with body panels that store energy. They can even charge faster than conventional batteries, according to HowStuffWorks.

Talking Cars

Vehicle-to-vehicle communication is a technology that does just what you think it does. It allows vehicles to talk to one another, telling each other things like if there is an obstacle in the road ahead. One study suggested that this technology has “the potential to reduce 79 percent of target vehicle crashes on the road.”

Super Dashboards

For anyone who saw Terminator 2, from time to time the audience would see what the Terminator sees, and we could see how the computer would identify and label all of the objects in the environment. Soon, dashboards may very well look like this. They are called Augmented Reality Dashboards.

Nissan is certainly no stranger to futuristic car technology. The automaker recently experimented with glow in the dark paint and their Around View Monitor technology is even being used for deep-sea exploration. There’s no doubt that you get futuristic car technology when you purchase one of our many Nissan vehicles at Economy Nissan in Durango, CO.

Avoid These Dangerous Driving Habits!

If you’ve been lucky enough to avoid a traffic collision so far, this can lull you into a false sense of security. It’ll never happen, you start to think. But if you maintain certain dangerous driving habits, you are really only increasing your chances. Here are a few dangerous driving habits that you should stamp out immediately should you find yourself practicing them!

dangerous driving habits


Following the vehicle ahead of you too closely dramatically reduces your reaction time. Leaving space between you and the car in front of you opens up your perspective and allows you to better judge the changes in speed.

Use the two-second rule at all times. Pick a stationary roadside object. Once the car in front of you passes the object, start counting. By the time you have reached the object, your count should have reached at least two seconds.

Go with the Flow

The last thing you want on the road is unpredictability. To do your part in maintaining a predictable situation, go with the flow of traffic. This means slowing down or speeding up, depending on the situation.

Use Technology

There are a lot of ways you can use technology to help your commute. An app like Waze can alert you when you are approaching a traffic jam and even help you reroute. But you can also use apps to make your commute more enjoyable, which makes you less apt to practice dangerous driving habits. Podcasts and music streaming apps are great for passing the time.

As life gets hectic, and you seem to have less and less time to get where you’re going, it can be easy to develop dangerous driving habits. Use these tips to stay safe and if you need a car with extraordinary safety built into it, come see us at Economy Nissan.

2015 Nissan Versa Note Easily Makes KBB’s 10 Best Back-To-School Cars List

There are certain qualities college students need in a vehicle. The most important is fuel efficiency. Beyond that, you need a good amount of interior space, lots of great tech features and a certain “cool” factor to make all other kids on your dorm floor jealous.

The 2015 Nissan Versa Note meets every one of these requirements. That’s no doubt why this compact car from Nissan made Kelley Blue Book’s 10 Best Back-To-School Cars.

10 best back-to-school cars

Technically, to make the list a car must be $20,000 or less. KBB also demands a recipient be “practical, functional, safe and affordable,” not to mention, “fun and stylish.”

All in all, the 2015 Nissan Versa Note features 112.9 cubic feet of interior volume—plenty of room for textbooks. The Note seats five passengers, while also offering an attractive fuel economy of 40 mpg/highway. Bluetooth Hands-free Phone System is standard as are heated front seats.

This isn’t the only award the 2015 Nissan Versa Note has picked up. It also made the 10 Tech-Savviest Cars Under $20,000 for 2015 and 10 Coolest Cars Under $18,000 last year.

New Nissan Maxima Offers Special Midnight SR Model

The Nissan Maxima is truly a vehicle that offers customers the best of both worlds—it’s a “four-door sports car” that combines the greatest conveniences of a sedan with all the fun and performance of a sports car. You might not realize it, but the Maxima is the second-ranked car in the whole Nissan lineup when it comes to performance. It trails only the supercar GT-R.

New Nissan Maxima

For the new Nissan Maxima model, the brand cooked up some extra special trims. For example, the Midnight SR trim is basically a cool blacked-out version of the Maxima sedan. The Midnight SR was first showcased at the BET Experience, highlighting the black accents on the wheels, mirrors, and wings. These black accents all combine to create an intimidating and impressive-looking vehicle.

The Nissan Maxima, available now here at Economy Nissan, comes with a V6 engine that gets you 300 horsepower, 261 lb-ft of torque, and can go from zero to sixty in just six seconds. With a top speed of 155 mph, the Maxima is ready to rule the roads. But don’t worry, it’s also a four door sedan, so you can fit the family in for all that road conquest.

Next-Generation Nissan LEAF Might Have 300 Mile Range

The Nissan LEAF is already the most popular electric vehicle in the world, but if the reports about the next-generation model are true, the LEAF is just getting started. The Nissan brand is now reporting that the next-generation Nissan LEAF could get over 300 miles on a single charge, a range that would give it an incredible competitive advantage.

Next-Generation Nissan LEAF

However, we don’t even have to wait that long to see a more efficient Nissan LEAF hit the market. While the outgoing model has a 24 kWh battery that gets 84 on a single charge, the new 2016 model LEAF has a 30 kWh battery that should get up to 105 to 110 miles on a single charge. That’s already a pretty marked increase, though seems small when you imagine an electric car with a 300 mile range instead.

The next-generation Nissan LEAF model will also include general powertrain updates, a regenerative braking system, and plenty of other features that are all designed to increase the vehicle’s efficiency.

While we don’t yet have the 2016 model in stock yet here at Economy Nissan, you can easily get behind the wheel of a 2015 model today!

2015 Nissan Sentra Earns Initial Quality Award

According to J.D. Power, not to mention millions of happy drivers, the 2015 Nissan Sentra is worthy of the Initial Quality Award this year. The Initial Quality Award is determined by the Initial Quality Study, which has been conducted by J.D. Power for the past 29 years.

“In the very competitive segment of compact sedans, Sentra continues to separate itself with a strong combination of quality, safety, value, style and more,” said Fred Diaz, senior vice president, Nissan Sales & Marketing and Operations in a Nissan press release. “Driven by owner feedback, the J.D. Power Initial Quality Study serves as an important benchmark for new vehicle quality, further demonstrating the worth of Sentra and Quest as top contenders in their respective segments.”

Initial Quality Award

2015 Nissan Sentra

As Diaz stated, the 2015 Nissan Quest also earned top marks with the lowest problems experienced per 100 vehicles in its segment. This PP100 metric takes into account various factors of satisfaction including but not limited to safety, style, technology and quality. To be at the top in the ultra-competitive compact car segment with all those factors in play puts the impressiveness of the 2015 Nissan Sentra on full display.

To get the newly award winning 2015 Nissna Sentra for yourself, be sure to come see us at Economy Nissan. After all, you won’t find a compact car with better initial quality!

We Almost Never Knew the 8th Generation Nissan Maxima

On June 2nd, the 8th generation Nissan Maxima will go on sale across the U.S., marking an important milestone for the “sport sedan.”  Just four years ago, the Maxima nameplate almost got the boot, according to Automotive News, with Nissan executives on the verge of calling it quits on the popular sedan. At the time, the auto industry was just beginning to come back from the recession, and buyers favored smaller, more fuel efficient cars.

Now, after a change in direction both in the economy and in buyer preferences, the Maxima is not only still around, but better than ever.

8th Generation Nissan Maxima

For 2016, the Maxima is sportier, featuring a new, aerodynamic design. Its low roofline and distinct body curves, an upgraded engine, improved fuel economy, a wraparound cockpit, and improved seating all contribute to the new Maxima’s performance and appeal.

“When I look at this car, I’m proudest of the fact that it’s here at all,” said Takeshi Yamaguchi, who was Nissan North America’s vice president for vehicle engineering and vehicle program management for the Maxima. “And on top of that, I’m proud of that fact that we took the Maxima beyond where it was, instead of taking it backward.”

Stop by Economy Nissan to learn more about the upcoming Maxima, and look for the anticipated performance-oriented sedan to land in our showroom next month!

Nissan Racer to Provide Powertrain In The New GT-R

How do you think Nissan might ensure that the new GT-R has got as much oomph as it deserves? Put a racing motor in it, of course!

According to CarScoops, the Nissan GT-R LM Nismo racer is a “front-engined, front-wheel drive car that is powered by a 3.0-liter direct-injected, twin turbo V6 petrol engine and a kinetic energy recovery system.” If you haven’t figured it out, the ‘LM’ in the name stands for “Le Mans,” the famous 24-hour endurance race.

powertrain in the new GT-R

This racing GT-R is made to succeed in that kind of test.  It cranks out 1,250 horsepower. Yes, really. The powertrain in the new GT-R street version “will be closer to 600 hp” according to rumors.

How is it that a racing engine could work for a road car?  Ben Bowlby, technical director for the LM Nismo, said that it will work because the engine that the LM uses was not made to be particularly light or to have a short lifespan. It’s direct-injected and the head integrates the turbo and intake systems seamlessly so it makes perfect sense to drop it in the upcoming Nissan GT-R. We won’t have a GT-R in stock here at Economy Nissan, but we can always order one for you!

Production Begins in Tennessee on Nissan’s All-New 4-Door Sports Car

The all-new Maxima, affectionately known as the 4-Door Sports Car is almost here! Production for the eighth-generation of the popular model began last month at Nissan’s assembly plant in Smyrna, Tennessee.

4-Door Sports Car

“Today is a great day for the plant,” said John Martin, Nissan North America senior vice president of Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, and Purchasing, during the launch of production. “It’s a culmination of a lot of hard work by an awful lot of people in Japan, in Farmington Hills at our [Research & Development center], with our suppliers and, above all, with the team here.”

That team is comprised of dedicated employees who are very much aware of the task at hand in producing the all-new Maxima. With production surpassing 648,000 vehicles last year, the Smyrna plant boasts the highest production of any North American auto assembly plant.

One of the plant’s veteran workers has seen the launch of three generations of Maxima sedans. He acknowledges that “this one, right here, is going to raise the bar for us.”

Now that production has begun on the next-gen Maxima, our excitement for its release continues to grow. Of course, we’ll be sure to let you know when it arrives here at Economy Nissan.