Nissan Amps up Testing for ZEOD RC

As the Le Mans 24 Hours gets closer, Nissan is kicking testing for the ZEOD RC into high gear. The ZEOD RC is the electric hybrid prototype set to take on the racing world.

Nissan ZEOD RC

The Nissan ZEOD RC was tested by Wolfgang Reip

Recently, Nissan put the ZEOD RC through rigorous testing at Snetterton in the UK and will then send it to the Paul Ricard circuit in southern France later this month.

Behind the wheel of the ZEOD RC while at Snetterton is Nissan GT Academy winner Wolfgang Reip. He will be joined by fellow Academy winner Lucas Ordonez at Paul Ricard.

“Testing is probably one of the most important processes of all the development of the car because it’s only when you test that you see the result of all your work and that you see what you need to improve,” Reip said, in a statement. “To really see if the car is reliable there is nothing better than a proper track test. A good test day is where you learn a lot and have the least amount of issues as possible.”

Nissan even released a video of the ZEOD RC in action.

The NISMO team will gather data from the testing to make any necessary changes to the car to improve its performance. The ZEOD RC will compete in the Le Mans 24 Hours this summer under the “Garage 56” slot, which is reserved for new prototype cars.

Here at Economy Nissan, we can’t wait to see the ZEOD RC blow away the competition with its innovative hybrid technology.

New 2015 Nissan Murano to Be Shown in New York

The New York Auto Show is just a couple of weeks away and Nissan has announced that it will unveil the next-generation Murano at the show on April 16.

2015 Nissan Murano

The sneak-peak of the 2015 Nissan Murano.

In a statement, Nissan described the 2015 Nissan Murano as “all-new” with a “spacious, premium interior and advanced, purposeful safety and connective technology.”

So far, the only information Nissan has released about the new design is a shadowy 10-second video that mostly highlights the Murano’s angular headlights. There also seems to be a slight hint of a “floating roof,” which Nissan has said would make its way across the lineup.

From that short snippet, Car and Driver thinks the new Murano will resemble the Resonance Concept that debuted in Detroit in 2013. It definitely has similarly shaped headlights.

Here at Economy Nissan, we sure hope the 2015 Nissan Murano looks like the Resonance. That would be one beautiful vehicle. We can’t wait to see the real thing in less than two weeks.

Newest Top Safety Pick+ Is 2014 Nissan Rogue

Safety is a top priority for many car shoppers and now those looking at the 2014 Nissan Rogue can rest assured knowing it is been named a Top Safety Pick+ by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

top safety pick+

The IIHS top safety pick+ 2014 Nissan Rogue

This is the best rating possible from the IIHS. And, it means the Rogue earned the “good” ratings in all five of the required test categories: moderate front overlap, side crash test, roof strength, and head restraint evaluations. The Rogue also earned a “basic” rating for its front crash protection.

Watch the IIHS crash test videos below to see how well the Rogue can protect you and your family.

As you can see in the videos, the 2014 Rogue is equipped with the Nissan Advanced Air Bag System. Other standard safety features include stability control, three-point front and rear seatbelts, Zone Body construction with front and rear crumple zones, the Nissan Immobilizer system, the Tire Pressure Monitoring System with Easy Fill Tire Alert, and more.

Here at Economy Nissan we have the 2014 Nissan Rogue available now. Stop by and see how safe you feel behind the wheel.

Jay Leno’s Garage Features Nissan IDx Concept

Jay Leno may no longer be the host of The Tonight Show, but his online car show, “Jay Leno’s Garage” is still going strong. On one of the most recent episodes, he featured the Nissan IDx concept. And, because he’s Jay Leno, he even got to drive the concept on the street.

Nissan IDx Concept

If you haven’t seen the Nissan IDx Concept for yourself, check it out here via

In the episode, Leno talks with Giovanni Arroba, Nissan’s Creative Design Manager. They talk about the car’s unique design features, like the anodized accent paint on the roof rails, the side exhaust, the carbon fiber hood and rear end, and the unique Japanese Nissan styling.

Once Leno and Arroba get in the car, you can see how much light it has inside with the large windows on all sides, even the roof. They continue to talk about the car’s features, its toggle switch and even the door pulls latches, which for some reason Leno pulls while driving—and the door opens. You can see Arroba gets pretty nervous, but Leno manages to close the door again.

They make it back to the garage in one piece.

What do you think about the Nissan IDx? Hopefully, in just a few more years, we’ll get to see a production version of this beautiful car.

Next Gen Nissan: 2015 JUKE Unveiled in Geneva

Love it or hate it, the Nissan JUKE makes people talk. When it first debuted at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show, it immediately garnered attention with its unique, polarizing design. Now, at this year’s Geneva show, we get to see the newest 2015 JUKE.

“New JUKE builds on the qualities that made the original such a success. Its unique crossover styling is even more energetic, and the interior makes a real statement,” said Guillaume Cartier, Nissan’s senior VP of European sales, in a statement.

2015 Juke

Earlier this year, Nissan debuted the Juke Nismo. The 2015 Juke is even more bold!

This compact crossover will get new engine options, including a 1.6-liter DIG-T engine that offers better four-wheel drive. Buyers will also see new alloy wheels, a NissanConnect system, a new audio system, and a dynamic control system.

The JUKE has always been about standing out and now buyers can choose from a wide range of interior themes and customization options to truly be one-of-a-kind. Another big change inside is an increase in cargo space by 40 percent!

What updates are you most excited about in the 2015 Nissan JUKE?

Nissan Aims for Detroit Auto Show for 2016 Titan Debut

We’re barely a month out from the 2014 Detroit Auto Show, which was held in January, and we’re already getting news for next year’s show. Nissan has announced that it plans to have the redesigned 2016 Titan debut in Detroit next year.

In speaking with Edmunds, Dan Bedore, Nissan spokesman, said, “You will see it at Detroit Auto Show time.”

The new truck will be taking aim at the heart of the truck market. “The new Titan will get us into 93 percent of the market segment,” said Fred Diaz, in a statement, Nissan’s North American senior vice president of sales, marketing, parts, and service.

2016 Titan Debut

How different will the 2016 Titan be when it debuts?

A lack of options has been one major flaw in the current Titan model. This will be changing for 2016. Edmunds reports that the new truck will have a variety of engine to choose from, including a V6, V8, and a V6 diesel. The truck will also get the option of a regular cab—the current model only allows for either an extended cab or crew cab.

Here at Economy Nissan we are extremely excited to see the 2016 Nissan Titan. We are already counting down the days until next January.

Nissan LEAF is Greenest Car Around

Not all “green” cars are created equal. When trying to find the greenest car, you have to take into account a lot of factors, including the production process and what happens to the car’s parts at the end of its life.

greenest car

2014 Nissan Leaf via The News Wheel

According to the Automotive Science Group (ASG), the zero-emissions Nissan LEAF is the cleanest production vehicle in the United States. The group studied more than 1,300 automobiles with at least four seats and used a “wildly complex” process to measure a variety of environmental impacts from fuel consumption to emissions.

The LEAF came out on top with the lowest wheel-to-well environmental impact of all the cars in the study. In the study, it was placed in the mid-size cars category and also scored victories for the Best All-Around Performance, Best Environmental Performance, and Best Social Performance.

Want to get yourself into the cleanest and greenest car possible? Come visit us at Economy Nissan and see how green the 2014 Nissan LEAF makes you feel.

Nissan to Restore Craigslist Maxima

If you’ve ever tried to sell you own used car, you know how hard it can be. Late last year, Florida resident Luke Aker used some of his filmmaking skills to help sell his 1996 Nissan Maxima.

The end result was an incredible ad good enough to sell practically any car. The so called “Craigslist Maxima” garnered far more attention than Aker ever imagined and in face his commercial was so good, Nissan ended up buying the Maxima back from Aker for his $1,400 asking price. They also donated $1,000 to the charity of his choice, Wounded Warriors.

Take a minute and watch this masterpiece if you haven’t already.

After purchasing the car, Nissan got some help from MotorAuthority to figure out what to do with the car. MotorAuthority let its fans submit ideas and then vote on them. The winning idea was to have Nissan fully restore the car, put it on display at its Tennessee headquarters, and have Aker’s video playing next to the car.

While the 1996 “Craigslist Maxima” is not the most luxurious or unique of Nissan’s cars, we’re glad to see that such a great vehicle will be getting a place of honor.

Diesel-Powered Nissan Frontier on Display

One of the foremost names in the diesel engine industry is Cummins. And that is who Nissan partnered with for the Frontier Diesel Runner Powered by Cummins.

Diesel-Powered Nissan Frontier

Diesel-Powered Nissan Frontier – courtesy of

Based on the Nissan Frontier Desert Runner 4×2, Nissan replaced the 4.0-liter gasoline-powered V6 with a 2.8-liter Cummins turbodiesel. This engine doesn’t produce quite as much horsepower as the V6, only 200 from the diesel, but with 350 lb-ft of torque, it outpaces the gasoline model. And, Nissan says owners should expect the same capabilities from the diesel as from the gasoline version.

However, one thing that won’t be the same is fuel efficiency. Diesel engines are much more efficient than their gasoline counterparts and the Cummins engine in the Frontier should make it about 35 percent more efficient, according to Nissan. Efficiency would also be helped with the truck’s eight-speed ZF automatic transmission.

While the version on display at the Chicago Auto Show is only a prototype, with the current popularity of diesel-powered trucks, we expect to see a diesel-powered Frontier come to the market soon.

Customizable Nissan NV200 Chicago Taxi Revealed at Chicago Auto Show

Nissan NV200

What do you usually see more of than anything else in New York City? Your answer would most likely be Taxi’s. When you are on the streets of New York City there are usually more taxi cabs than any other vehicle on the road. How would you like to be a part of customizing those vehicles? The residents of Chicago will now have that opportunity.

Nissan will unveil the Nissan NV200 customizable taxi at the Chicago Auto Show this year. This model was first introduced in New York City, but now Nissan is giving the residents of Chicago a chance to help customize the taxi. Nissan wants to know what features would suite their taxi rider’s best by getting feedback on social media such as Twitter and Facebook using #HailYes.

Nissan NV200
Nissan NV200

The Nissan NV200 was the first in its class to go through crash-testing with the partition included. The reason for this was that all of the equipment including the partition are customized to fit each vehicle. This taxi aims to give luxury service to all of its passengers and with the feedback on social media they will able to do just that. There is no telling what the future will hold for the Nissan brand.