Unbox Therapy Unwraps Nissan Rogue One Special Edition

Nissan Rogue One Special Edition

Nissan Rogue One Special Edition

Lewis Hilsenteger from Unbox Therapy, a promotional YouTube account that tests a wide range of new products, unwrapped a Nissan Rogue: Rogue One Star Wars Limited Edition on his channel. In the video Lewis highlights the Star Wars-themed aspects of the Rogue One Edition and explores its features.

Along with the Nissan Rogue, Lewis also unboxed an included Death Trooper helmet, a life-size replica that is also limited edition. Lewis first noticed the Rogue One’s white paint job with black grille, wheels, and accents, which echoes the design of Stormtrooper armor, along with the various exterior Star Wars logos and designs. Inside, the Rogue One’s interior has special floor mats, badging inside the cupholders, and even limited edition keychains.

Lewis also took note of the Rogue’s features. In addition to the Star Wars emblems and memorabilia, the Rogue has a range of features from steering wheel controls for the infotainment system to an advanced driver information display. The moonroof, which retracts all the way to the back of the vehicle for a true open air experience, and the ample cargo space with extra under-floor room particularly impressed Lewis.

At the end of the video Lewis encourages anyone with family or friends who are Star Wars fans to share with them, saying the Nissan Rogue: Rogue One edition is the ultimate vehicle for any fan.

Star Ward Themed Nissan Juke?

As the summer continues so do Star Wars 7 episode rumors. With rumors of another movie circulating, hard core fans are becoming excited. Not only are fans becoming excited but so are businesses. In honor of a Star Wars 7 Episode, Nissan has started a few rumors themselves. Recently, Nissan released a teaser video suggesting the auto company has developed a Star Wars themed Juke.

Set to be revealed August 26th, the new Nissan Juke has people excited. Will it really be Star Wars themed? Little is known about the model, but some are indicating a red and white exterior could be inshore (based off of the Stormtroopers).

The Nissan Juke has found inspiration from other movies in the past. In 2012, the Nissan Juke found inspiration creating the Juke Nismo Dark Knight Rises Edition. Special features of this Juke Nismo included a matte black exterior matched with a shark fin antenna, aluminum Bat badges and gloss black 18-inch alloy wheels on the exterior. The interior had special features like the embroidered headrests, special still plates and projectors displaying Bat logos on the roof and headliner.

Rarely does the Nissan Juke go unnoticed and the 2013 model is no exception. The sporty crossover catches everyone eye with inspirational designs and style. Right now find special savings and incentives on the Nissan Juke at Economy Nissan in Durango, CO.  incentives include deals like 0% APR for 36 months, $199 per month to lease or up to $2,000 in savings!