Nissan Bladeglider Symbolizes Nissan Intelligent Mobility Strategy

Nissan Bladeglider

Nissan Design of the Future

The high-performance electric Nissan BladeGlider, which debuted last month in Rio de Janeiro, brings together cutting-edge technology with performance-oriented sport design to create the most innovative electric vehicle ever.

The BladeGlider prototype was developed from concept cars Nissan showed at the Tokyo Auto Show in 2013 and now “epitomizes Nissan’s drive to expand its Intelligent Mobility strategy,” according to president and CEO Carlos Ghosn. The BladeGlider is the first car to achieve sports car-like performance while producing no emissions, and Nissan is aiming for an all-electric future for sports cars.

Named for its ability to “glide” silently along the ground thanks to its incredibly quiet electric motor, the BladeGlider features wheel-mounted controls that feed into a display showing data such as speed and battery life. The power is courtesy of UK-based Williams Advanced Engineering, who designed the motors to go 0 to a 100 km in less than 5 seconds and reach speeds up to 190 km.

Designed to look as innovative as it is, the BladeGlider is a long, narrow car with one seat in front and two in back, the shape reminiscent of a rocket ship. With bright color options in green and orange, the BladeGlider stands out like no other vehicle.

You can see the same amazing design in all of the Nissan vehicles at Nissan of Durango in – of course -Durango, CO.

Jay Leno’s Garage Features Nissan IDx Concept

Jay Leno may no longer be the host of The Tonight Show, but his online car show, “Jay Leno’s Garage” is still going strong. On one of the most recent episodes, he featured the Nissan IDx concept. And, because he’s Jay Leno, he even got to drive the concept on the street.

Nissan IDx Concept

If you haven’t seen the Nissan IDx Concept for yourself, check it out here via

In the episode, Leno talks with Giovanni Arroba, Nissan’s Creative Design Manager. They talk about the car’s unique design features, like the anodized accent paint on the roof rails, the side exhaust, the carbon fiber hood and rear end, and the unique Japanese Nissan styling.

Once Leno and Arroba get in the car, you can see how much light it has inside with the large windows on all sides, even the roof. They continue to talk about the car’s features, its toggle switch and even the door pulls latches, which for some reason Leno pulls while driving—and the door opens. You can see Arroba gets pretty nervous, but Leno manages to close the door again.

They make it back to the garage in one piece.

What do you think about the Nissan IDx? Hopefully, in just a few more years, we’ll get to see a production version of this beautiful car.

Nissan Introduces the Resonance Concept, a Bold Look to the Future

This year’s North American International Auto Show has brought many new and innovative concepts from all different auto makers, but Nissan’s offerings have been the most intriguing by far. Look no further than the Nissan Resonance concept car that was unveiled at the NAIAS. Showing off a bold vision for the future, Nissan treats us all to a look at some of their ideas.

The Resonance doesn’t pull any punches with its outer design clearly going for a spaceship look – very smooth and aerodynamic.  It’s obvious that with this concept Nissan wants to make strides in fuel efficiency, cutting down on air drag and including a fuel-efficient hybrid-electric powertrain.

The interior is meant to conjure the image of a futuristic VIP lounge, being more spacious and comfortable than is usually, if ever, seen in crossover vehicles. The seats are covered in “light, buttery leather” and premium-stitched seats.  The instrument panel is situated in a large, spacious console and has layered screens to give the interface a holographic look and feel, with more important information being in the forefront of the layers.

Below are a few picture of the concept car. If you’re interested in checking out any current Nissan cars, be sure to head over to Economy Nissan or online at


Nissan Resonance Nissan Resonance Rear Nissan Resonance Dashboard