4 Best Hiking Trails in Durango, Colorado

Hiking Trails in Durango

Nissan & Hiking

There’s no better way to spend a day in Colorado than hiking outdoors. You’ll find numerous paths to adventure all across the Centennial State, especially in and around the city of Durango. While there are far too many to cover in a single day or weekend, we recommend you check out one of these four awesome hiking trails in Durango when you get a chance.

  • Animas River Trail: A paved trail that runs through the heart of the city, this path connects many of Durango’s attractions and municipal buildings. Running along the Animas River, it’s a serene walk that’s a popular route for locals.
  • The Colorado Trail: Running from Durango to Denver, this 500-mile hike took 15 years to build so travelers could witness the state’s most impressive natural wonders.
  • Twin Buttes Trail: Wide open and twisty, this trail is great for walking or biking and was only recently established as an officially sanctioned trail.
  • Engineer Mountain Trail: Towering above the skyline around Durango, Engineer Mountain is a “must do” to see the diverse scenery formed by glaciers.

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Nissan versus Tesla : Save Money and Time and Buy the Leaf!

Nissan versus Tesla

Nissan LEAF Reporting For Duty

The all-electric Leaf is one of our favorite cars here at Durango Nissan. In fact, we not only love the vehicle, but we also appreciate that there is no waiting list and you can save a lot of money.

Nissan is very proud of the all-electric Leaf, and recently has created an ad to compete with other electric models. In particular, Nissan has directly gone against the new Tesla Model 3. Hundreds of thousands of pre-orders have been made for the new Tesla 3, which has actually become a negative for customers. Customers now have to give a deposit, make a reservation, and wait until at least 2017 or longer to get their vehicle.

Nissan is advertising a “no reservations necessary” policy. In addition to being able to get your electric vehicle sooner, you will also be saving money with the Leaf!  The Leaf starts at a lower price than the Model 3 and Nissan is also giving rebate money as incentive.

So don’t wait in line for a vehicle! In the match up of Nissan versus Tesla, Nissan surely wins! Come in to Durango Nissan in Durango, CO and save money with the all-electric Nissan Leaf!