Which Car-Related Tax Deductions Are You Eligible For This Year?

Car-Related Tax Deductions

Deduct For Your Truck… Or Any Vehicle

Have you started your taxes yet? If not, it’s time to get started. Before you know it, you might be too late!

Fortunately, there are different deductions available to you, and a good handful of those are based on your vehicle. Here are a few examples of car-related tax deductions to keep in mind:

  • General business use – If you use your car exclusively for business, you may be able to write it off entirely.
  • Business miles driven – If you use your car sometimes for work and sometimes for leisure, you may be able to write off the miles you drove while on the job.
  • Sales tax on older vehicles – Some vehicles that were purchased before 2010 are eligible for special deductions.
  • Depreciation – This one’s a bit tricky, but if your car has depreciated in value and you use it for work, you may be able to get even more back for it.

Of course, if you are unsure what applies to you or how to appropriately file your taxes, you should seek the help of a professional.

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Nissan January Sales Break Records, Starting the Year Off Right

Nissan January Sales

Innovation That Delights

New reports have been published on Nissan’s most recent – and they represent proof that bad weather can’t get the automaker down. Nissan January sales saw a solid rise of two percent of the prior year.

Plus, Nissan set an all-time high record for sales in the month of January alone, selling 105,734 units.

Largely to thank for the sale were Nissan’s larger models, as overall sales of Nissan crossovers, trucks and SUVs set their own January record. The Rogue and the Pathfinder saw increases of 26 percent and 5 percent respectively.

However, the Nissan Murano also saw an increase in sales of a whopping 46 percent, while the Sentra and Maxima also made significant gains.

It appears that Nissan is seriously starting the year off right, and if we had to guess, these trends will likely continue throughout 2016.

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