Three Car Myths Dispelled

car myths

Does Listening To Music effect Your Driving?

When it comes to driving, there seem to be a lot of untruths floating around out there. Some of them seem like common sense but that doesn’t change the fact they aren’t true. Some of them might be perpetuated by the need to make a few bucks. Whatever the reason, the car myths that aren’t true need to go! Here are a few car myths we can dispel:

Traffic Signs Make Things Better

It’s difficult to know at what point traffic signs go from helping to hurting. But there is research out there that indicates they have the potential to make driving more dangerous. Why? How? Turns out, traffic signs can actually cause us to trust other drivers more than we should. They effectively discourage observation.

Music Doesn’t Affect Your Driving points out an Israeli study that measured heart rate and other vitals while people were driving in a stimulator. Some listened to music. Others did not. The people who listened to music in the car were more likely to get in accidents and run red lights.

You Can’t Eliminate Blind Spots

We call them blind spots for a reason, right? We can’t rid of them. Actually, you can significantly reduce your blind spot if you know how to actually set your mirrors up right. The trick is to angle the mirrors away just beyond the point at which your own car goes out of view.

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Rock Out with the 100% Electric Nissan LEAF 5th Birthday Playlist

Nissan LEAF

Commence Charging

The Nissan LEAF is one awesome car. In fact, it is the best-selling electric vehicle around. So what better way to celebrate its fifth anniversary than a rocking playlist put together by LEAF fans themselves?

There are some tunes on the list that you might have predicted, like MGMT’s groovy little psychedelic number “Electric Feel.” But you may also find some surprises in there as well, like “Float Like A Feather” by Dawn Mitschele. You can listen to the 100% Electric Nissan LEAF 5th Birthday playlist here!

The new 2016 Nissan LEAF features the best range in its class at 107 miles, thanks to an innovative new 30 kWh battery. The new LEAF is no slouch on performance either, delivering 107 horsepower and 187 lb-ft. of torque.

There’s no poking along here, just plenty of fun-to-drive dynamics and the privilege to laugh derisively every time you pass a gas station. For extra fun, throw in the 100% Electric Nissan LEAF 5th Birthday playlist, and see it for yourself at Economy Nissan in Durango, CO.