Nissan Named Fastest Growing Car Brand

fastest growing car brand

Nissan in the Spotlight

According to Interbrand, a global leading brand consultancy since 1974, Nissan is the fastest growing car brand in the world.

This year, Nissan reached the 49th spot for all brands, which is a seven-spot hop from their ranking of 56th in 2014. Think seven spaces is a big deal? It is, but then Nissan’s giant leap from 90th to 56th since 2011 is the biggest of all the big deals in international brand tracking.

Nissan’s ranking is based on a lot of things, one of them being the value of the Nissan brand. What’s that shockingly large number? It’s a 19% gain from last year to a whopping $9.082 billion.

Nissan’s success as the fastest growing car brand in the world is also, thanks to the carmaker’s popularity with millennials. By sponsoring topics popular with the younger market, like NBC’s hit TV show, “The Voice,” Nissan is quickly endearing itself to the world’s most prolific spender category.

All this gain in the past five years makes all of us at Economy Nissan very  excited to see what Nissan does next.

The Best Fall Fun in Durango, CO

fall fun in Durango

Fall Is A Beautiful Time of Year

Fall is upon us out here in the west, and it’s already showing us some stunning, breathtaking colors and sights. There’s plenty to do and see throughout the state of Colorado, but even right here in great town of Durango, there’s more than enough to keep the whole family entertained with autumn affairs. Here’s our quick list of the best fall fun in Durango :

Peanuts the Great Pumpkin Patch Express

Take the family on a beautiful, relaxing train ride that the kids won’t soon forget (and not just because they get to meet the one-and-only Snoopy)! The Pumpkin Patch Express departs from the Durango Train Depot at 9:00 am, Sunday, Oct. 18th and Sunday, Oct. 25th.

Pumpkin Painting Contest

On every remaining Thursday of October from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m., come on down to The Clay Room to pick up a ceramic pumpkin and paint it however your heart desires! Bring it back by the 29th to be judged.

Durango Nature Studies Full Moon Hike

Learn more about nature while you’re in nature this fall – and do it in true Halloween style under the light of a full moon! Let Durango Nature Studies teach you all about everything nocturnal and know a little bit more about the moon by the end of the night.

It’s hard to say what the best fall fun in Durango is when the city offers so many unique and exciting events, but wherever you end up, we’re sure you’re looking at a really good time. After trying some of these events out, let Economy Nissan know how it was!