Nissan Racer to Provide Powertrain In The New GT-R

How do you think Nissan might ensure that the new GT-R has got as much oomph as it deserves? Put a racing motor in it, of course!

According to CarScoops, the Nissan GT-R LM Nismo racer is a “front-engined, front-wheel drive car that is powered by a 3.0-liter direct-injected, twin turbo V6 petrol engine and a kinetic energy recovery system.” If you haven’t figured it out, the ‘LM’ in the name stands for “Le Mans,” the famous 24-hour endurance race.

powertrain in the new GT-R

This racing GT-R is made to succeed in that kind of test.  It cranks out 1,250 horsepower. Yes, really. The powertrain in the new GT-R street version “will be closer to 600 hp” according to rumors.

How is it that a racing engine could work for a road car?  Ben Bowlby, technical director for the LM Nismo, said that it will work because the engine that the LM uses was not made to be particularly light or to have a short lifespan. It’s direct-injected and the head integrates the turbo and intake systems seamlessly so it makes perfect sense to drop it in the upcoming Nissan GT-R. We won’t have a GT-R in stock here at Economy Nissan, but we can always order one for you!

Production Begins in Tennessee on Nissan’s All-New 4-Door Sports Car

The all-new Maxima, affectionately known as the 4-Door Sports Car is almost here! Production for the eighth-generation of the popular model began last month at Nissan’s assembly plant in Smyrna, Tennessee.

4-Door Sports Car

“Today is a great day for the plant,” said John Martin, Nissan North America senior vice president of Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, and Purchasing, during the launch of production. “It’s a culmination of a lot of hard work by an awful lot of people in Japan, in Farmington Hills at our [Research & Development center], with our suppliers and, above all, with the team here.”

That team is comprised of dedicated employees who are very much aware of the task at hand in producing the all-new Maxima. With production surpassing 648,000 vehicles last year, the Smyrna plant boasts the highest production of any North American auto assembly plant.

One of the plant’s veteran workers has seen the launch of three generations of Maxima sedans. He acknowledges that “this one, right here, is going to raise the bar for us.”

Now that production has begun on the next-gen Maxima, our excitement for its release continues to grow. Of course, we’ll be sure to let you know when it arrives here at Economy Nissan.