The 2016 Titan XD Features: Unique Aspects You Might Not Have Noticed

The new 2016 Nissan Titan XD has been quite a hit among truck enthusiasts, but aside from its bold new design, there are a few features that you might not have noticed. With incredible towing capability, great utility, and rugged durability, Nissan engineers used a few innovations that you can’t see.

According to Truck Trend magazine, the large ventilated disc-brakes are one of the most important new 2016 Titan XD features. If you’re towing 12,000 lbs, you want to be able to stop on a dime. That’s why these extra-large high-strength brakes were specially designed and tested for heavy duty use.

Aside from the brakes, the transmission and axles are also made for hard work. An Aisin six-speed transmission is specially designed to distribute power for towing, and the 30,000 lb rated AAM axles ensure that no load is too big.

Last but not least, the Titan XD is the first full-size pickup to feature an in-bed power outlet. Whether you’re in your backyard or on the jobsite, you can have power anywhere you go. With all of these subtle features, the Titan XD adds up to be one incredible truck.

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Nissan and NASA Partnership Spells New Beginning in Self-Driving Technology

Nissan and NASA have announced a partnership that should spell a new beginning in self-driving technology. The two companies have launched a five-year Research & Development program with the goal of exploring autonomous drive systems, human-machine interfaces, network-enabled applications, and software analysis and verification—all key factors in building truly self-driving cars.

Nissan’s ultimate goal is to produce complete and commercially-available self-piloting vehicles that can “navigate in nearly all situations” by 2020—something NASA can significantly help with, being a foremost authority on autonomous and remote-controlled systems. After all, this is the organization that put a self-driving science lab on a planet more than 34 million miles away! Compared to that, making a self-driving car on Earth might seem like child’s play.

We won’t have to wait that long to see the Nissan and NASA partnership bear fruit. The automaker intends to start offering autonomous features as early as in 2016. Get ready for that at Economy Nissan!

2014 Nissan LEAF Sales Break Record

The Nissan LEAF has long maintained its status as the world’s best-selling electric car, and after reaching another significant milestone, it’s impossible to deny the LEAF’s ongoing success. December brought with it 2014 Nissan LEAF sales totaling 3,102 units – helping the plug-in electric car to top 30,200 for the year. That’s a new yearly record for any plug-in electric vehicle in the country.

2014 Nissan LEAF Sales

Will 2015 be an even better year for the Nissan LEAF?

The LEAF is a giant in the electric car market. With only a handful of plug-in cars that routinely achieve sales of 1,000 units or more a month, the LEAF stands heads and shoulders above any of its competition. Thanks to its standout design, intelligent technology, and affordable price tag, the LEAF remains a front-runner against stiff competition.

Green Car Reports points out that a redesigned second-generation LEAF is expected for the 2017 model year. Although Nissan isn’t expected to mess too much with a good thing, we are expecting to see updated styling, two or more different options for battery-pack sizes, and an increased electric-only driving range.

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Nissan Truckumentary Episode 1: History of Nissan Trucks

In anticipation of the next-generation Nissan Titan pickup truck, the automaker is releasing a web series called “Truckumentary.” It highlights the design, engineering and planning of the highly-anticipated next-gen Titan. Recently, the automaker released the first video, or Chapter One, which takes a closer look at Nissan’s truck heritage.

When you think American pickup truck, you may not think Nissan–and that’s exactly what the automaker hopes to change with the new web series. When the Titan is reveled at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show, it will be the latest in a series of Nissan pickup trucks that go back more than half a century.

This particular episode stars Brent Hagan of Nissan North America’s product planning team, who takes us through the compelling history of Nissan trucks as he visits Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, Tennessee. It all started with the 37hp 1960 Datsun 1200, the first Nissan (Datsun) truck sold in the US.

Take a few minutes to check out the video. Not only will you see some of Nissan’s most unique and priceless trucks, but you’ll hear about the automaker’s rich past from a guy who really knows his trucks.

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