Nissan Celebrates 80th Anniversary and Years of Moving People

On December 26, Nissan officially turned 80 years old. To mark the occasion, Nissan released a video that looks back at the past 80 years. It highlights events such as global exports and the introduction of the zero-emissions Nissan LEAF.

Nissan Celebrates 80th Anniversary

Nissan celebrates 80th Anniversary at the Heritage Car Parade in its home city of Yokohama on December 23. More than 100 Nissan models from the past 80 years participated in the parade, including heritage cars like the 1935 Datsun 14 Phaeton. The cars drove about 10 kilometers through the city.

It is amazing to see how far cars have come in the last 80 years. We’re excited to see what the next 80 years will bring in the world of cars.

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How the 2001 Nissan Pathfinder Changed SUV’s Forever

Nissan Pathfinder Changed SUV’s ForeverWhat do you love most about cars, trucks and SUV’s these days? Is it their versatility? Their technology? Their ability to multitask? New safety advancements? We have gotten so used to the luxury of cars and vehicles that we sometime take them for granted. We haven’t always had these luxuries and the 2001 Nissan Pathfinder is to thank for innovative electronic off-roading.

In 2001, Nissan released the 2001 Nissan Pathfinder model that offered a never before seen electronic ascent and descent control to eliminate human error and driving skills needed to master the Pathfinder during off-roading. Not only had this Nissan Pathfinder Changed SUV’s Forever advancements like the breaks were tuned to the driver only needing to use the ABS break system when moving downward on hills. Many people do not realize that before this system, off-roading was a lot more complicated combining earth components like dirt and a skilled touch of the throttle.

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Nissan’s New Taxi of Tomorrow Continues to Earn Rave Reviews

All the red tape in the world—and goodness knows Nissan has dealt with a lot of red tape over the last two years over their winning “Taxi of Tomorrow” bid—can’t hide this truth: everyone loves the Nissan NV200. Back in 2011, Nissan was selected to build and implement the official New York City taxi. Since then, government decisions have kept the NV200 from being officially confirmed as the “exclusive” Nissan’s New Taxi of NYC, but that hasn’t stopped Nissan’s plans to implement the taxi into everyday New York life.

Nissan’s New Taxi

The manufacturer sold the first NV200 in October of last year, and it continues to earn great reviews from critics and taxi drivers alike. A Business Insider review states that “it’s clear that Nissan has made a great taxi. It’s comfortable and spacious. The clear roof brings in a ton of light…there are USB ports to charge your phone, and the doors are easy to open and close. A good taxi doesn’t need much more than that.” At Economy Nissan, we couldn’t agree more.

It looks like Nissan will still eventually dominate the NYC taxi traffic with Nissan’s New Taxi. It will just have to go about it the old-fashioned way, winning drivers and passengers over one by one, instead of simply leaning on government ratification.

Nissan Sets New November Sales Record

Thanks to an excellent lineup and a little push from Black Friday sales, Nissan got to enjoy its best-ever U.S. November Sales Record with a record of 106,528 total deliveries, a significant 10.7% improvement over November of last year. This makes for a total of 1,035,439 vehicles sold in 2013 so far, up 10.7% compared to last year and already exceeding the 2012 total with still one month to go.

November Sales Record

2014 Nissan Altima

At the head of the sales was none other than the midsize Nissan Altima sedan, which set a personal record at 24,604 deliveries, up 21.2% over last year. Following it in the path of success was the Nissan LEAF, the market’s best and most recognized small electric car, which also set a new record and thereby continued its streak of setting monthly records since March.

As Nissan finally caught up with demand for the Sentra, the compact car’s sales exploded by 62.5% compared to last year with 11,644 units sold. The Frontier was on a similar upward curve with a 54.5% increase as well.

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