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Are you ready for football season? Who are you voting for this year? From tailgating, driving to games and road tripping to make every game, you will need to depend on your car for a top football season experience. The Economy Nissan Dealer, in Durango, CO near Cortez, Aztec,  NM wants to help you get your Nissan ready for the season! Check out a few of our Auto Service Savings specials below.

Nissan Maintenance Service Savings Coupons

Fall Nissan Service Savings Coupons

  • Pick your Play: $15 off radiator, transmission and/or brake fluid till 10/12/2013!
  • Touchdown Special: 20% off engine tune-up till 10/12/2013!
  • Start Saving: Batteries installed for as low as $79.99- offer ends 10/09/2013
  • Roll With the Discounts: Buy 3 tires and get 4th for ONLY $1 (valid for Good Year, Dunlop, General Tire, Hankook, Pirelli, Yokohama) – offer ends 10/09/2013
  • Stop Overpaying: Brake Pads installed for as low as $89.99 – offer ends 10/09/2013

Why go anywhere else when Economy Nissan promotes fast, experienced technicians, state-of-the-art equipment, 24-hour service drop-off, complementary shuttle service and more. One of the special facts about Economy Nissan CO, near Aztec is the fact that we only use manufacturer auto parts to repair your car, truck or SUV. Feel free to contact our Nissan Dealership at 888-472-2780, swing by 20704 Highway 160 Durango, Colorado or go online to set up an appointment.

The Reason Buses Stop and Open Doors at Railroad Crossings

Have you ever been late and stuck behind a bus at a railroad crossing or have experienced a bus suddenly stopping at a railroad crossing? Chances are you have and sometimes this can be frustrating. Though it may seem like this is a meaningless task with all of the new technology and railroad track warnings, there is a reason busses do this, which includes making safety a top priority.

Railroad Crossing

About forty years ago, seatbelts were not even required let alone the invention of airbags. All of the other road safety precautions were minor and not a major priority. It was not that long ago when busses were not required to even stop at railroad crossings, let alone open their doors for a few seconds and listen for a train.

In 1938 on December 1, an event took place creating the regulation of busses to open their doors at railroad crossings. This particular night, in Salt Lake City, a nasty blizzard took place obstructing many peoples’ view. The bus driver stopped at the track, but could not see the oncoming freight train due to the snow and unfortunately the bus was hit by the train. only 14 of the 40 passengers survived, who all noted they did not see a train coming due to the blizzard as well. The bus driver knew the train schedules, so assumed everything would be fine. This night the train was delayed due to the weather and happened to run into the bus.

For this reason bus drivers are required to open their doors at railway crossings. Take a look at some of their other safety precautions school bus drivers have to take next time you are stuck behind one. You may end up very thankful these precautions are in enforced. The Economy Nissan Dealership of Durango, CO near Aztec, NM finds it important to inform their customers of the importance of safety. Next time you are caught driving in foggy or snowy weather, remember this story and how rolling down your window can help protect you and your passengers.

Nissan’s Next Generation of High-Performance Cars is Hybrid

The performance of a racecar with the emissions of a hybrid: impossible? Not in 2016. Nissan is collaborating with Williams Advanced Engineering to combine high-performance with hybrid technology in the 2016 Nissan GT-R.

Nissan Hybrid

nissan Hybrid Cars

You may have thought a road car with such high-performance and low emissions was only possible with your childhood Matchbox cars. However, the announcement of the production of this 2016 Nissan GT-R, model R36 will have you driving in the fast lane in no time.

“This collaboration will see us work closely together to develop cars that will be at the forefront of automotive technology,” Sir Frank Williams, Williams Advanced Engineering Founder and Team Principal stated.

After announcing the partnership, Nissan Motorsports (NISMO) president, Shoichi Miyatani said, “Williams have a proven history of making racing technology benefit road cars, and we look forward to starting this relationship during a period of intensive product development for NISMO.”

While speculation still surrounds what exactly this new 2016 Nissan GT-R will be packing, Williams Advanced Engineering is known for results and Nissan is known for leading the way in providing innovative solutions to consumers.

Stick with us at Economy Nissan as we track the development of this next-generation car, but you can leave the toy cars at home.

How 3D Shapes Inspire Nissan Design

Nissan Motor Co. was founded on December 26, 1933. For 80 years, Nissan engineers have come together to provide the community with exactly what they want with innovative and beautiful styling ideas. How do they do this? Where do they come up with the ideas on how they would like to style and update their vehicles? The answer is simple. Nissan uses objects to identify and uphold Nissan design intentions.


At Nissan, a collection of 3-D objects have been compiled as Nissan design intentions for Nissan vehicles. These objects help with both interior and exterior designs from the outer shell to inner seats to color pallets. Some of the 3D objects inspiring Nissan designs are listed below:

  • Shark Fin: inspired 370Z design- similar to the sleek shark fin shape that goes into water, the 370Z is a sleek shape cutting through air
  • Earth: depicts no gravity. The New Altima seats are designed to give you the feeling of being in outer space with no gravity
  • Bulldog with Sunglasses: this image represents the Nissan Cube’s solid and planted demeanor wearing shades
  • Windmills: Supposed to express modern high tech feel with advanced technology and fluidity within shapes
  • Motorcycle Tank: Used throughout the interior on the Nissan Juke- The inner panel and center console are painted with beautiful body color, shape lets your knee rest against it like a motorcycle

Although the Nissan team usually work with images, these 3D objects help communicate the vision very well while keeping their intentions on par throughout the projects.  The objects listed above housed in Southern California. Francois Farin, senior manager of Nissan color and design strategy comments, “The objects – we have to look for them and find them everywhere. To work like this in 3-D, gathering objects and putting them together in a meaningful way, is really unique to Nissan as far as I know.”

The Economy Nissan dealership in Durango, CO, loves the different inspirations Nissan comes up with. Stop by the Nissan Dealer in Durango, Colorado to view some of the different models and guess which objects you think helped to inspire the Nissan designs.