Edmunds Votes 2013 Nissan Altima as Best Midsize Sedan

Each year the midsized sedan competition is becoming closer and closer. The available innovative technologies, high quality materials, improved fuel economy and extra space create for some of the closest competition yet. For years Edmunds has been known as a trusted review company and once again came out with the 17 Best Cars you Can Buy list. This year, the 2013 Nissan Altima steals the show, winning the Best Midsize Sedan Segment.

Nissan Altima Discounts

2013 Nissan Altima

Edmunds is an auto review site that reviews dozens of vehicles multiple times comparing them to each other. This tough review process is not easy and each vehicle that wins a segment has won a great accomplishment. This year, the 2013 Nissan Altima snags the Best Midsize Sedan Segment, beating out tough competition. The 2013 Altima won for an assortment of reasons including design, interior quality, powertrains and driving dynamics.

Starting with fuel economy, the Altima beat out class leaders of the industry during the Edmunds 116-mile teat loop. Beating competitors by at least 5MPG, the 2013 Nissan Altima managed an incredible 39.7 MPG. Nissan engineers accomplished this by creating the continuously variable transmission producing plenty of power, speed and efficiency.

Other key notes from the Edmunds review include the refinement combined with engagement creating a fun and sporty drive. The interior of the Altima includes lots of technology and easy to use controls. All factors add up creating the 2013 Nissan Altima an affordable vehicle that any driver will get is need and moneys worth.

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Star Ward Themed Nissan Juke?

As the summer continues so do Star Wars 7 episode rumors. With rumors of another movie circulating, hard core fans are becoming excited. Not only are fans becoming excited but so are businesses. In honor of a Star Wars 7 Episode, Nissan has started a few rumors themselves. Recently, Nissan released a teaser video suggesting the auto company has developed a Star Wars themed Juke.

Set to be revealed August 26th, the new Nissan Juke has people excited. Will it really be Star Wars themed? Little is known about the model, but some are indicating a red and white exterior could be inshore (based off of the Stormtroopers).

The Nissan Juke has found inspiration from other movies in the past. In 2012, the Nissan Juke found inspiration creating the Juke Nismo Dark Knight Rises Edition. Special features of this Juke Nismo included a matte black exterior matched with a shark fin antenna, aluminum Bat badges and gloss black 18-inch alloy wheels on the exterior. The interior had special features like the embroidered headrests, special still plates and projectors displaying Bat logos on the roof and headliner.

Rarely does the Nissan Juke go unnoticed and the 2013 model is no exception. The sporty crossover catches everyone eye with inspirational designs and style. Right now find special savings and incentives on the Nissan Juke at Economy Nissan in Durango, CO.  incentives include deals like 0% APR for 36 months, $199 per month to lease or up to $2,000 in savings!

New Nissan Nismo GT-R to Go 0-60 in 2 Seconds

The upcoming 2015 Nissan Nismo GT-R is going to break world records, according to Nissan. The sports car, which will debut this year at the Tokyo Motor Show, is expected to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in a flat 2 seconds, which is ludicrously fast—and that may be an understatement.

Nissan GTR Nismo

2013 Nissan GTR

The current Nissan Nismo GT-R R35 is already one of the top 5 accelerating cars on the market, closing the speed gap in only 2.7 seconds. If Nissan delivers on the new model, it will be the fastest-accelerating street-legal production car in history, putting even the most extreme speed machines in its rearview mirror (the current record-holder is the Ariel Atom at 2.3 seconds, followed by the Bugatti Veyron SuperSport at 2.46 seconds).

Nissan’s has been working closely with Williams Advanced Engineering, the tech group behind the Williams Formula 1 Team, to make this goal happen. One of the Williams engineers revealed that the GT-R still has a lot of potential just waiting to be unlocked with proper tuning.

The Nissan Nismo GT-R is just one of many excellent Nissan models in our lineup. You can check all of them out in our vehicle showroom at Economy Nissan. Just come on over or give us a call, or even visit our website. See you there!

How Soothing Music Improves Driving Skills

Nissan Music


With Population growth and increasing number of cars are beginning to pop up on the busy roads. Not only is traffic increasing, but so are distractions with the surge of new technologies. More accidents are being caused from people not paying attention and stressful situations. Recently, American and Dutch researchers formed a study to gauge the effect music can have on drivers.

Using 14 women and 14 male test drivers (for a total of 28), participants were subjected to different weather conditions and other high-stress situations while listening to different genres of music. While driving in these conditions, the test subjects were hooked up to a machine to test their stress levels. Researchers were able to monitor these stress levels and find out if music actually had an effect on the person driving. As it turned out, music can play a role in the stress levels of the driver.

On August 30, 2013, the study was published in the journal Ergonomics titled, “Using Music to Change Mood While Driving.” Using a wide range of musical compostitions, drivers were subjected to listening to everything from classical to popular, mild to wild, both with and without lyrics. The study found that drivers who listened to softer soothing music were less stressed and less likely to make mistakes. Overall, drivers were less likely to speed, swerve across lanes and cause accidents than when they were listening to louder and peppier tunes.

Economy Nissan, in Durango, CO, is always promoting safe driving habits. We have written this blog to help promote awareness that “intellectual and soothing music systems” can create for a safer driving environment, such as classical music.

Nissan LEAF Breaking Sales Records


Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF


Ever since released in December 2010, the Nissan LEAF has continued to increase its dominance, becoming a true auto industry competitor.  The Nissan LEAF is currently selling at unheard of rates all around big cities in the USA.

Nissan’s all-electric vehicle launched two and a half years ago and is widely successful partially due to the affordable price, updated systems and great styling. In many states drivers have been able to save thousands with the tax incentive cash back programs while also having the ability to drive in the HOV lane. Nissan EV Marketing and Sales employee, Lisa Farra describes the electric vehicle stating, “The LEAF is hot, especially the ‘S’ trim. People are buying them literally before the truck delivers them to the lot in some markets.”

Along with great styling and price, Nissan’s are known for their abundant safety features. This year the Nissan LEAF was appointed to the 2013 IHSS Top Safety Pick list. Some safety features that attributed to the title include the LEAFS good ratings in front, side, rollover and rear crash tastings.

Top 10 largest Nissan Leaf Sales Markets:

  • San Francisco- Oakland – San Jose
  • Los Angeles
  • Atlanta
  • Seattle-Tacoma
  • Portland, OR
  • Honolulu
  • San Diego
  • Nashville
  • Sacramento- Stockton- Modesto
  • St. Louis

All over people are starting to pay more attention to the Nissan LEAF. By creating an affordable zero-emission all electric vehicle, Nissan has created a unique niche for buyers. Check out what people are so excited about the Nissan LEAF at Economy Nissan in Durango, CO. Economy Nissan has a large selection of new and used vehicles.

Nissan Makes Competitive Price Cuts

Nissan Altima Discounts

2013 Nissan Altima

Automakers find it hard to successfully enter in to the American market. With few companies finding success, Bloomberg reports Nissan wants to make sure they are one of them. To gain market share in the USA, Nissan recently lowered prices on seven of their models and is also offering extra incentives.

Nissan announces price discounts on seven models including the Nissan Altima, Armada, Juke, Maxima, Murano, Rouge and Sentra. Creating a more competitive pool, these new price cuts have the competition squirming. These price cuts are in effect due to a recent study suggesting Nissans prices were above competition and also the weak yen (Japanese currency). With the yen dropping 15% to the American dollar, Nissan is now saving around $1,500 per car for extra features or price cuts.

The price cut strategy has been favoring Nissan as they saw a 25% increase in sales last month (tripling the industry average). Price cuts range on these seven models from a few hundred to the thousands.  Below is a list of some of the model and average price cuts:

By lowering prices, Nissan is hoping to increase their market share by 10% as of 2016. For now, find these discounts at Nissan dealerships including Economy Nissan in Durango, CO. For more information, call (800)846-0205.