Tournament Madness Sale Specials Going on at Economy Nissan through March 27

Economy Nissan, CO, Tournament Specials

Economy Nissan Offers Game Winning Specials Until March 27

The final brackets are in and 2013’s March Madness is off to a surprising start. If you are like me, you were in for a surprise this year and your Basketball bracket may be a little out of whack. Though your bracket may be suffering your wallet does not have to be. Economy Nissan in Durango, CO is offering service specials during their Tournament Madness!

How is this for basketball spirit? Economy Nissan is offering a 27 point Special at only $79.95. This will include a four tire alignment and 27-point safety inspection. Also, service customers will receive an additional 10% off any recommended service for a game winning special discount. With only two days left, on March 27, 2013 the Slam Dunk Prices will be gone.

Economy Nissan is happy to serve Durango, Hesperus, Bayfield Colorado and the surrounding areas. They are sure to have the best game winning specials, championship quality service at slam dunk prices during March Madness. To schedule a service appointment at Economy Nissan, visit or give them a call at 1- 800-846-0205. To be sure to not miss any specials and discounts, like Economy Nissan on Facebook at .

Nissan Plans to Reduce Vehicle Weight for 35% Better Fuel Economy

Nissans new lighter steel frame

Nissan Produces a New and Lighter Steel Frame

It is great how hard car companies are working on reducing harmful emissions for the environment while also focusing on improving fuel economy. Later this year, Nissan will be selling their first model to use a new grade of steel making the vehicle lighter, stronger and receiving better fuel economy for a higher performance.

Nissan Motor Company partnered with steelmakers to create the first Ultra High-Tensile Strength Steel used for vehicles.

Haruaki Nakatsukasa, an expert leader in Nissan’s body engineering department  explained the purpose of the new steel stating, “The results is we can make the car lighter and lighter cars enable customers to use less gasoline and produce fewer CO2 emissions”. Another positive of using the new high tensile strength steel is that it leads to less materials being used on every vehicle produced. This will reduce the total cost per unit.

Nissan plans on beginning to apply this new technology to all of its vehicles in 2017. As an effort to undertake the Nissan Green Program by 2016, which is Nissan’s environmental plan, Nissan aims to reduce vehicle weight by 15%. Nissan is also targeting an improvement of a 35% increase in fuel economy on all vehicles.

Some of Nissans current vehicles pushing the envelope with better fuel efficiency include the 2013 Nissan Versa, Centra, Altima and Juke vechiles. All of these vehicles have been noted for their eco-friendly and lower-emission traits. To test drive some of these vehicles visit Economy Nissan in Durango, Co, or Click Here to learn more.

Easy Ways to Be Healthy for the Spring

It’s about time… winter is almost over. Now, you may love winter, but here at Economy Nissan, we love the warmer weather. It’s great for driving and vacationing, and just being outside and enjoying the sunshine. During the winter it’s easy to put on a few extra pounds or get out of shape because of less activity, and so today we’ve got some easy tips to feel better and prepare for the warm weather ahead!


  • Eat a big, healthy breakfast – everyone always says breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and there’s truth to that. Eating a large (but healthy) breakfast in the morning will fuel you up for the day ahead, and make you less likely to snack on bad things later.
  • Take the stairs – walking up stairs when possible instead of taking the elevator will lead to better circulation and heart health (and it’s good for waking you up in the morning!)
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day – this will keep you hydrated, full of energy, and alert. Drinking lots of water will also simply make you feel better and cleaner, since it flushes out lots of toxins that your body builds up.
  • Drink coffee – that’s right! Coffee is actually good for you, and research in recent years shows it can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and other diseases. That is, it is good for you only if you skip on the sugar and creamer…
  • Take a walk periodically – it will improve your circulation and will also improve your digestion if you take one shortly after meals. Not to mention that it’s some good exercise and will keep blood sugar and pressure at healthy levels.


Really, these tips are simple to remember to do every day, and they’ll have amazing effects not only on your actual physical health, but also how you feel. Feeling good does more good for your mind and body than many people realize.

Save Money and Get Better Gas Mileage

As gas prices climb higher and higher, it gets harder to keep a positive outlook on driving. But being a car-driving nation, we have to put up with the prices. That doesn’t mean you can’t save a good amount of money while doing that, though. Here are some tips and tricks for increasing your car’s mileage and making sure you get the most out of your car for the least out of your wallet:

  • Drive at a reasonable speed
    • About 5 miles per hour over 60 mph you go, you are paying approximately 24 more cents per gallon for gas (according to
  • Use the air conditioner sparingly
    • Air conditioning gobbles up fuel economy like crazy – use the recirculation option or “maximum” setting if you have to, though. Your car will have to cool less hot outside air that way.
  • Remove excess items in your car to lighten up the weight
    • The more weight your car carries, the worse its mileage will be. Lots of little things add up to a lot of weight!
  • Replace your spark plugs and air filters as soon as they start to wear out
    • These can cause drastically better mileage if kept fresh and in good condition
  • Keep your tires inflated and aligned
    • Refer to the owner’s manual for your car or the data plate on the door jamb for proper tire pressure.

If you follow these simple steps, you should be able to increase your gas mileage and your savings. Nobody likes an empty wallet, so take care of your car!