New Juke Options

Well Nissan once again listened to what the customers wanted. The Juke now has a customization program that will allow Juke buyers to make the car look just how they want it! With a variety of colors and features, who wouldn’t want to make this awesome car their own!

Customer can chose from a number of different options. Including the car model ( Style, Premium, and Exclusive) Owners can then take this bas and customize  up to 6 different trim options all with various colors ( Force red, Glossy white, Orange Racing, Piano Black, or Silver grey) and styles.

The Nissan Juke

But that’s just the start to this program and Nissan will continue to roll out other customization options as time progresses. Currently this program is on its start up phase in Europe. So sadly at the moment US buyers are out of luck. But we bet that this program will be across the pond in no time at all so fingers crossed!

The Nissan Garage

Inspiration can come on us at any moment; the shower, the car, the kitchen anywhere. But some of the most popular ideas got their start in a garage! The personal computer, bands, printers and much more all started in a garage. That’s why Nissan started its Innovation Garage; they wanted to find the next best idea. But they got more than they bargained for…they actually found 3!

Three winners who submitted ideas were chosen for the originality and usefulness of their ideas!

“We’ve been impressed by the great ideas that were submitted,” said Jon Brancheau, vice president, Marketing, Nissan North America. “The team at Nissan enjoyed providing a platform for these innovations to surface. We’re looking forward to seeing where they may lead. It’s inspiring to see people fired up to find ways to make the world a better place.”

The winners are Andrew Saldana, Ryan Helsel, and Kyle Vath. Both Saldana and Helsel were selected by Nissan and will receive a $50,000 grant, and a 2013 Nissan Altima. Nissan will also assist both of these winners in getting their idea promoted on Vath was a fan favorite and will be awarded a 2013 Nissan Altima for his participation. Read about their ideas below or visit

Dreamwork by Sladana : helps you learn while you sleep.

Low-Tech Bedsore Prevention by Helsel: Helps reduce the occurrence of bedsores in patients in developing countries.

Non-Emergency Medical Response unit by Vath would help reduce the amount of people who use the emergency room for non emergency uses.

The Juke Nismo Challenge

Well The Nissan GT Academy has just finished up, so the time for a new video game related challenge seemed to be needed. Well since the driving a Nissan seemed popular why not pair up with Asphalt and let people be a chance to drive the all new Nissan Juke Nismo and Juke-R.

That’s right, using a smart phone; you can get a shot at driving the two of the hottest cars on the market. Drive them fast enough, and you could get a shot a driving them live! That’s right Nissan has decided that the 10 fastest drivers get to take a VIP trip to Barcelona and drive the Juke Nismo in person.

The Juke Nismo takes the basic body of the Juke and makes it into something new. With a special aerodynamics kit, more power, and a turbo charged engine! The inside has also been redesigned with a special steering wheel, seats, peddles, gauges and more.

The video game has painstakingly redesigned the virtual car to look like the real one. So you will feel like you are driving the real thing. Sadly if you live in the United States you can’t enter the competition, but we did get the academy so, we can let them have this one, this time.


Get in the Christmas Spirit!

Have you ever seen the Holiday movies where Santa has a problem and unless it gets fixed, Christmas won’t happen? Well that is sort of how we feel here at Economy Nissan. We don’t have enough cars on our lot. This is a major issue we need to fix before the holidays!

Now not enough cars on the lot is usually not a problem dealerships have but Economy Nissan this is a close to a holiday conundrum! In fact our owner Monte Roder is going so far as to offer premium price for all cars you want to trade in! But since it’s the holiday season he is also throwing in a small surprise!

Christmas is coming!

“With the holidays approaching, I know most people would really appreciate a little extra Christmas present. I want my customers to have a little more to make merry with so we’re offering something extra special for the Holiday season. Buy any car from us…new or used, and we’ll throw in a Trip for Two to Las Vegas. You’ll stay at the New Riviera or Tropicana Hotel for 3 Day and 3 Nights!”

How is that for a Hoilday spirit! Not only do we want your car, we want to give you a vacation! So be sure to hurry down to Economy Nissan and see what we can do to make your holiday’s season a little brighter. Plus you’ll help us make Christmas be actually able to happen! ( Ok well it will still happen if we have cars, but it will be much merrier if we do!)