The Season for Giving!

Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year! People rush around to all sorts of stores and try and get the best deals. Well this year in order to give people a helping hand, Nissan had a Altima, and Quest at the Colorado Mills outlet mall. These new Nissans were helping provide assistance to all the customers. Weather they needed a ride or just some warm holiday season drink!

 The Nissan Quest, one of the Nissan holiday season cars.

“Both the Altima and Quest are equipped with segment-leading innovations, heated seats and plenty of cargo room – making them the perfect match to assist fatigued shoppers. Improving the shopping experience for Denver consumers on Black Friday is a great opportunity to expose people to Nissan’s innovative products first-hand” Said Jon Brancheau, the vice president of marketing in North America.

In addition to helping offer hot drinks, hand warmers and blankets on Thursday night; Nissan was there most of Friday as well. They were on hand to help carry guest and their gifts back to their cars, all while showing off  the cool Nissan technologies. ‘Tis the season for new gadgets!

Now while we weren’t able to be part of the team driving people around the Colorado Mill Outlets.  We are doing our best to get into the holiday season; although our plan helps you out a little more in the future.  Right now, we are running a sale that will allow you to take a vacation to Vegas for free!

That’s right! If you need to buy a new car this holiday season, we try to help relieve that stress by offering you a paid vacation so that after the holiday season is done you can take a break and get away! But after the year runs out, so does this deal so if you need a new car, now might be a good time.

Safer driving = Happier Holidays

Thanksgiving is one the horizon, and soon after that comes Christmas and New Years!  More cars will be on the road this year than ever before so it’s especially important to pay attention so that everyone has a safer happier holiday. Here at Economy Nissan we’ve put together some tips that we think will help drivers dive safer.

First: Keep your eyes moving. Don’t fixate to long on one position of the road. If you keep your eyes active you will be better able to see what happens at any one moment. Keeping your eyes fixed to one point will make you tired.

Holiday tips for driving safer!

Second: Give yourself an out! Don’t follow to close or get caught up in a place that you can’t get out of. Leave at least one side to get out. If this means you won’t be able to drive in the fast lane, then that may be that case. Safer is better than sorry.

Third: Aim high when steering. Look as far head as possible, so you can keep you car centered in the lane and see everything going on around out.

Fourth:  Maintain a safe distance and keep an eye on the big picture. If someone is tailgating you or causing you a problem; don’t just focus on them. Make sure you take time to see the whole picture.

Fifth: Make sure other drivers can see you. Don’t forget to use your head lights or other signals. Make sure the other drivers can see you.

These may seem like common sense but people tend to forget them sometimes so it’s important make sure that you are following all these so that you are able to make the most of your holidays. Staying safe on the holidays is one of the best gifts a family can get so be sure to pay attention to give everyone a safer holiday.

New Electric Van

The Nissan LEAF has been very popular around the world; especially since it is a totally electric car. It’s the perfect blend of style, function, and green responsibility. But the issue is that currently the Nissan Leaf is a small car. So for a family, this awesome car just doesn’t really work. But Nissan is working on making an all electric van!

But to make sure that this van is ready for everyday families certain companies have been given a few models to test out.  The major companies are Coca-Cola, FedEx Express, British Gas, and of course the New York Taxicabs. Each of these companies uses the van in different ways so that the testing is done in the best all around way.

Coca- Cola will be using the van as a delivery van. It will regionally deliver product during the day and then charge during the evening. This way Nissan can test to see if the van will be able to be sufficiently charged in one evening.

FedEx Express is doing something similar by using it to test package delivery. They want to find away to make deliveries more green and more efficient, while testing out the speed of the vans.

The New York Taxi will be testing how well the vehicles will do with passenger management, and city travel.  This will be a big help in discovering how well this vehicle will work as a passenger van.

Powering this van will be the same 24 kWh lithium battery that powers the leaf. This will give the van  a range of about 70 miles. It will start production in Barcelona Spain,  spring of 2013 and then in fall of 2013 it should arrive in the US!

So be ready for a whole new minivan that will change the whole world of mini vans!

GR-T is getting an Upgrade!

The Nissan GR-T is ready for a new round of improvements.  But this year promises something a bit more exciting than an increase in horsepower.  The Nissan GR-T has a whole package ready to go that will bump this super car up another notch!

The finely tuned Nissan 3.8 Liter twin turbo will be getting a whole collection of upgrades! A new baffle to the oil pan will keep the oil pressure up while new quicker injectors will keep the GR-T responsive as ever even with the most active drivers!

But boosting the engine doesn’t do much good if that car doesn’t stay on the road. So Nissan has boosted the stability. A lower center of gravity, paired with some new schools and stabilizers and the GR-T is ready to ride. Not only will you be able to take this car out for a heck joy ride but it will hug the road with agility you wouldn’t even think possible!

Currently the Nissan GT-R is one of the coolest, more unique sports cars you can get in the United States. It has a stylish look, and superior speed. Plus every engine is build by hand by one signal specialist. Combined this with 3 drive modes, top of the line aerodynamics and you have a winner. It’s basically the best sports car on the market, or well at least we think so. But we may be biased.

We will hopefully be able to see these changes in the new 2014 model so be ready for the time of your life! If you haven’t driven a sports car, yet you are missing out.  Get out today and take the GR-T for a spin! But don’t blame us if you get to excited for the next one! See you soon!

Nissan GR-T

Race to the GT Academy!

After 3 months of online competition, 32 people out of 400000 got to go to comic con to discover who would win the Ultimate prize! A spot at the GT Academy!

Out of the 400,000 registered games, only 16 received a spot at the Nissan GT Academy. After hours of endless game play, and a two days of virtual racing in San Diego, the 16 positions were filled. These lucky few were invited to the legendary Silverstone Racing track, where they begen boot camp!

GT Academy Virtual Racing ( mock-up)

This boot camp is then videotaped and will be released on Spike TV. The show will follow the racers throughout their daily lives are racing training. The host will be former NFL player, Dhani Jones, while the racing will be judged by pro racers Danny Sullivan, Maryeve Dufault, and Bodis Said. As the show progresses, racers will be eliminated based on performance. The last racer standing is the winner!

The winner will complete training, and emerge as a professional racer complete with international competition license. That’s pretty good prize for starting off with a video game

GT Academy is a program that we are really pleased to be a part of. It reinforces our values of excitement, innovation and performance above all else, while giving 16 people the opportunity to fulfill their dreams – and for one of them to potentially change their lives for good,” said Jon Brancheau, VP Marketing, Nissan North America.

Now you might not think that this actually works but last year’s winner has gone on to great success! One winner of GT Academy Lucas Ordóñez, went on to win the P2 class at the 24 Hours of Le Mans 2011! So be sure that you keep an eye out for this series on TV, and later on for you chance to become the next great racer!