DeltaWing Makes a Big Finish!

The Nissan DeltaWing completed its first race this weekend in Braselton, GA. This one of a kind racer came in 5th in the American Petit Le Mans. This is an impressive victory for Nissan, and will start the change of racing as we know it!

Nissan DeltaWing

Source: Nissan Image Library

Why will this change racing? Well that starts with the Nissan DeltaWing. This car was created by engineers looking for a way to be able to continue racing cars, but at the same time making the sport greener.  Because as much as we enjoy racing, we have to agree it isn’t the most fuel economic sport.

So the DeltaWing was born. This arrow shaped car sits low to the ground so as to be aerodynamic and fast.  It also has half the horsepower of almost all of the other cars that it raced. But this tiny car held its own!

Due to an accident on the practice laps, the DeltaWing started back in 42nd place.  But somehow managed to make its way up from the bottom to 5th place! Pretty impressive for a 1000 mile race and a car that has half the horse power.

This is the second time the DeltaWing has logged impressive results, and people are starting to take notice.  We wouldn’t be surprised if this new style car began to catch on. Because everyone who watched racing knows what is going on in the car world, and right now green is the name of the game.

Thanks to the new government mandate, cars need to get more miles per gallon, be greener, and save more gas.  This isn’t really anything new to Nissan; they have been in the green market for some time now thanks to the Leaf. So it’s no surprise they are starting a change in racing. We think the Nissan DeltaWing is one cool car and we couldn’t be happier Nissan is taking the first step!

Steering by Wire

Total Electric SteeringSteering may just get a bump in the 21st Century thanks to Nissan new full electric power steering.  This ‘steering by wire’ could be in cars in as little as one year. Replacing the current hydraulic, power assisted systems of today.

Currently, when you turn the steering wheel in your car, you turn the drive column. (A collection of parts but for simplicity sake we’ll treat it as one thing.)  This changed the flow of hydraulic pressure, which will increase or reduce the amount of pressure applied to the steering gear. This in turn will turn the wheels slowly or more sharply depending on how the driver used the steering wheel.

What Nissan hopes to do with their new by wire system, is to take all the hydraulics out so that when you turn the steering wheel, and electric relay will be sent to a computer. (Actually through a series of computers but it really one needs one, the rest are back up.) The signal is then sent to the steering rack making your car turn based on how the wheel is turned.

Now Nissan, being the innovator that it is, took this steering to a new level, by integrating a camera into this electrical system. So when there are strong winds or a bad road surface, the computers will calculate the angle the tires need to be at to keep the car straight. This allows the driver to focus more on the road and less on the minuscule driving details.

Before you ask, Nissan has a back-up in place to.  Just on the almost impossible chance that there is a total electric failure Nissan is still including a traditional driving shaft so that the car is still steerable no matter what! How is that for some great innovation!

This driving system is currently set to be released in as a little a year so keep your eye out for the next big change in driving!

Trick or Treat Deal!

October DealSpooks are on the prowl and little kids are excitedly preparing costumes! But for the car industry October can be a slow month.  But Economy Nissan has come up with the perfect trick that works out to be a treat for their customers! All this month you can drive away in a new car for just 5 dollars down! Now thats a spooky deal!

This is all thanks to an inspiration that struck Economy Nissan’s Fearless Leader, Monte, while he was stocking up on his Red Bull and pork rinds! When he put down his 5 dollars to pay for these delicious snacks, he was assaulted with a spooky inspiration! He calls it the R.I.P  trick.

R. = Rid yourself of your old beast! Bring your old car in to trade in! Dead or alive it doesn’t matter; let us remove your old monster!

I. = Invest just 5 dollars. All you have to do is give up a Starbuck coffee for one day! A deal like this is excitement enough for anyone! Dive away with a new car for $5!

P.Pick out a car and drive it home the same day! ( This is the most important step!)

Why is Economy Nissan offering deals like this? You may be asking what the trick is! Well there is no trick, it’s just a treat!  This deal is for everyone! Good or bad credit!

“As a Dealer For The People® we put our customers first, before everything else. We believe that everyone deserves to drive a nicer, newer car today. Our business is not selling cars. Our business is finding solutions to the everyday problems that keep most people stuck in a car they hate.” Monte said in an interview.

So be sure to check out this Treat before Halloween is over! The only trick going on at economy Nissan is that you actually have to show up for this great deal!

Save Some Gas this Fall

Gas prices have gone up and down so much within just the past few days its hard to tell when you’ll be able to buy gas for a reasonable price. It seems like every time you have to break down and buy gas, the price is always up. Now while we can’t change the price of gas making it cheaper for you to drive around with we do have some tip that will help you save some money by getting the most out of your gas tank.Save some gas

The official term is actually called Hypermiling. But we like to keep things simple, so we call it Economy driving. Now there are extreme things that people do to stretch their gas tank, but we think that our tips are pretty reasonable, and won’t get you nasty looks on the road.

First: Don’t be afraid to coast a little. Most of us learned that the gas pedal is used to go forward and the brake is to stop. Well if you coming up to a stop sign/light,  or going down a hill consider taking your foot off the gas, and maybe even popping the car into neutral ( that’s the N you don’t usually use ). Its not hard to do or remember and it will really start to add up.

Second: Corridor! While you are driving on the highway don’t be anti-social, travel in a group of cars! Now we are not saying to draft, we mean to corridor. Basically if a lot of cars in row the wind resistance isn’t as strong making your gas mileage better.

Third: Block the wind. This is similar to the Corridor technique. You use other things to block the wind. For example, if you take a road with a lot of houses and trees  chances are you will meet less wing resistance then if you were driving on a country road. So make sure you use things like trees and buildings.

Fourth: Find a different route. Now this may seem like a no brainer, most of us take the same path day after day because it’s what we are used to. Maybe there is a path with less stops, or less traffic. Explore a little who knows what you’ll find! (Just don’t be late for work!)

Fifth: Lastly check out a new car if you have a long commute. If you can swing a hybrid like a Nissan Altima, you could save hundreds on gas a year!

Hopefully these small tips can help you get a little more bang for your buck! Be sure you share them with your friends to! Everyone could afford to save a little money on gas!