CVT Making Cars Beautiful on the Inside and Out

We are often so enthralled with the inside of the car that we sometimes miss the more important things about a car. One of these things is the transmission put in the new 2013 Nissan Sentra the new Continuously Variable Transmission or CVT for short. This new transmissions is changing the way cars will be driving!

Transmissions typically have gears. 5, 6 ,7 gear that determine how fast the car can go and how smoothly the car will run. That however is a thing of the past. The New CVT has an ingenious steel belt and pulley system that will move the “gear” of the car up!

If you’ve driven any car before you’ll be familiar with what’s known as shift shock. That bump you feel when you accelerate, that’s your car trying to catch up. That little loss of power is when the car is missing a gear. But thatnks to think new belt system, there is no gear to miss! This just a continuous acceleration without out any hiccups! No loss of power, no shock just pure raw power!

New Generation XTRONIC CVTThe new CVT even sounds different! This futuristic belt system has a sound to match! It’s an almost “high-tech” sounding single tone that changes pitch when the car is going faster. It sounds almost like a space ship!

Plus and perhaps the most important thing is this CVT will last longer! Because there are no gears there are less moving parts! Less parts, makes for less heat and less friction! There by making your engine last longer!

Make sure that you take a second to meet CVT in the new 2013 Nissan Sentra. You may not see him when you look at the new Sentra, but you will defiantly know that he’s there once you start to drive!

Picture Source: Nissan Image Library

How to get the perfect picture

The shiny new car powering down the road, or elegantly parked with a cityscape in the background. Every car picture we see online seemed to be perfect! It can’t be that hard to get that picture right? Most of the time car pictures are taken while the car is parked so snapping that elusive picture should be easy! But anyone who has ever tried to take a picture of their own car knows that the perfect shot isn’t possible. Nissan has listed some tips they use so that you can get that perfect picture without wasting hours editing!

First: Make sure you get up early! The best light for taking a car picture is in the first and last hour or sunlight. So beat the punch and get an early start!

Second: Low angle shots work best for cars, so pull out the ol knee pads and get to work!  The stronger the car looks that better.

Third: Make sure the car is clean! Even if you are going for the muddy off road picture, you still want the car to look clean so make sure before you start you give the car a good cleaning!

Fourth: Avoid gray skies: Clouds may seem like they can make you picture dark and mysterious, but chances are it will end up looking more depressing so make sure that you avoid cloudy skies unless you’re shooting in black and white.

Fifth: Get a great car! Shooting something that is easy to look at helps out a lot! Something like the new 2013 Nissan Pathfinder or the 2013 Sentra will really help your pictures turn out well!

You can see all these tips and more with this video from Nissan explaining how they get the perfect shot! Make sure you share your picture on our facebook!

Nissan Heisman House

Have you been paying attention to the football season? It’s well under way now! The Heisman trophy is up for grabs. This year around though you can see the Heisman trophy completion is a whole new way! Thanks to Nissan’s Heisman House you can get in on the action, even vote for who you want to be awarded the Heisman trophy.

The Heisman Trophy is award given out once a year to outstanding college football player. It is one of the oldest awards in football history, and rarely is awarded to an individual more than once. It’s quite a high honor, and many football players young and old dream of what it would be like to win it.

To better help those of us who play football professionally or at more of a backyard level, Nissan is releasing the Nissan Heisman House Commercials. These commercials, paired with the new web site, allow you to see the newest Heisman winner Robert Griffin III (or RGIII as he is referred to by his fans) as he in inducted in to a house full of previous Heisman winners.

The web site is a rather informative “virtual house”. While inside you can interact with the various Heisman winners, watching videos, reading interesting facts, see bloopers and take a look into the history of the Heisman. You can also gander at the new Nissan specs, courtesy of a virtual “garage” that is housing all the latest models.

The commercials will show spots of  RGIII  as he tours the house, or attempts to landscape the bushes; all while meeting some of the winners from past years. These rather comedic commercials really just bring some light to the Heisman at this point. Because the season is just starting they mostly just ask users to go to the web site but more content will be coming soon.

Don’t forget to cast your vote when you visit though! Because Nissan is the official sponsor of the Heisman, they get to cast one vote. So vote for you think should win and make sure that Nissan pleads your case!



Tire Pressure Monitoring Easier with a Nissan

Nissan recently introduced its new Easy Fill Tire Alert system, this helps you ensure that your tires are filled to the right amount every time. Say good bye to the confusing pressue monitor, the new Altima does the work for you!

Now if your like most people , tire pressure is something you don’t think abouyt too much. But it actually is really important. Not only are underinflated tires casues of poor gas mileage, but they also triple your risk for an accident! That is where Nissan’s Easy Fill Tire Alert system comes in.

This innovative system will let th driver know when the pressur is low, which is nothing new.The real magic comes in when the driver goes to fill the tire.Rather then having to guess or try and read an extermly difficult tool. The Altima montiors the amount of air in the tire. When air is going into the tire, the hazards flash. once the tire is full the car sounds off one horn beep to let you know its full.Simple as that.

So long guesswork hello safe tires! Look for it on the new 2013 Nissan Altima