How 3D Shapes Inspire Nissan Design

Nissan Motor Co. was founded on December 26, 1933. For 80 years, Nissan engineers have come together to provide the community with exactly what they want with innovative and beautiful styling ideas. How do they do this? Where do they come up with the ideas on how they would like to style and update their vehicles? The answer is simple. Nissan uses objects to identify and uphold Nissan design intentions.


At Nissan, a collection of 3-D objects have been compiled as Nissan design intentions for Nissan vehicles. These objects help with both interior and exterior designs from the outer shell to inner seats to color pallets. Some of the 3D objects inspiring Nissan designs are listed below:

  • Shark Fin: inspired 370Z design- similar to the sleek shark fin shape that goes into water, the 370Z is a sleek shape cutting through air
  • Earth: depicts no gravity. The New Altima seats are designed to give you the feeling of being in outer space with no gravity
  • Bulldog with Sunglasses: this image represents the Nissan Cube’s solid and planted demeanor wearing shades
  • Windmills: Supposed to express modern high tech feel with advanced technology and fluidity within shapes
  • Motorcycle Tank: Used throughout the interior on the Nissan Juke- The inner panel and center console are painted with beautiful body color, shape lets your knee rest against it like a motorcycle

Although the Nissan team usually work with images, these 3D objects help communicate the vision very well while keeping their intentions on par throughout the projects.  The objects listed above housed in Southern California. Francois Farin, senior manager of Nissan color and design strategy comments, “The objects – we have to look for them and find them everywhere. To work like this in 3-D, gathering objects and putting them together in a meaningful way, is really unique to Nissan as far as I know.”

The Economy Nissan dealership in Durango, CO, loves the different inspirations Nissan comes up with. Stop by the Nissan Dealer in Durango, Colorado to view some of the different models and guess which objects you think helped to inspire the Nissan designs.