Nissan Celebrates 80th Anniversary and Years of Moving People

On December 26, Nissan officially turned 80 years old. To mark the occasion, Nissan released a video that looks back at the past 80 years. It highlights events such as global exports and the introduction of the zero-emissions Nissan LEAF.

Nissan Celebrates 80th Anniversary

Nissan celebrates 80th Anniversary at the Heritage Car Parade in its home city of Yokohama on December 23. More than 100 Nissan models from the past 80 years participated in the parade, including heritage cars like the 1935 Datsun 14 Phaeton. The cars drove about 10 kilometers through the city.

It is amazing to see how far cars have come in the last 80 years. We’re excited to see what the next 80 years will bring in the world of cars.

Do you have a favorite classic Datsun or Nissan car?