Multiple Next-Generation Nissan Z Engines Could Be a Possibility

The phrase “one size fits all” is almost never true, especially when it comes to cars. This is why the next-generation Nissan Z will likely come with multiple engines options. While this rumor has been floating around for a while, a Nissan executive further hinted at this idea in an interview with Australia’s CarAdvice.

Nissan’s corporate vice president and global head of marketing/brand strategy, Roel de Vries, said any engine in the 370Z “[needs] to deliver on what the car stands for and if the 370Z stands for real performance and real driving I think it doesn’t need a V6 to do that.”

next-generation Nissan Z engine

The next-generation Nissan Z engine could come in several variations.

At first read, it might sound like Nissan is downsizing the Z’s engine and getting rid of the V6, but what this really means could be Nissan won’t offer a V6 in the European version of the Z (since V6 engines are nearly extinct there anyway) and will continue to offer it here in the United States.

If Nissan adds a four-cylinder engine option, the next question for the 370Z is what do you call it? The “370” part of its name is based on its current engine displacement (3.7-liters). De Vries suggested that with multiple engines, the sporty coupe could simply be called Z.

Here at Economy Nissan, we are looking forward to seeing the next-generation Nissan Z engine updates. A smaller engine would likely lower the base price point opening up the model for new customers.

What do you think? Would you ever consider buying a Nissan Z with only a four-cylinder engine?

Nissan Unveils 2015 370Z NISMO at ZDayZ Event

Each year hundreds of Nissan Z-car enthusiasts gather in North Carolina for the ZDayZ convention. This year, Nissan joined in the fun and to everyone’s surprise unveiled the all-new 2015 Nissan 370Z NISMO.

“NISMO is the heart and soul of Nissan performance, both for the track and on the street, so it’s fitting that we are showing the dramatic new 2015 370Z NISMO for the first time at a gathering of our most loyal and enthusiast owners,” said Nissan Chief Planning Officer and Executive Vice President, Andy Palmer, in a statement. “The new 370Z NISMO joins the recently introduced Nissan GT-R NISMO and Nissan JUKE NISMO RS, giving performance fans a range of fresh, factory tuned NISMO models to enjoy.”

The day before the big reveal, Nissan released a single teaser image and basically said there would be a “special global NISMO debut” at the event. And, it sure is special.

2015 370Z NISMO

From that single teaser image its hard to tell how closely the 2015 370Z NISMO will resemble this 2014 Nissan 370Z

The most striking change in the 370Z is the new exterior, which is inspired by the GT-R. It has an aerodynamic body with a deep front fascia and scoop, smooth LED Hyper Daytime Running Lights, black headlight bezels, and red accents on the front chin spoiler, side sills, and sideview mirrors.

Inside, the NISMO inspiration continues with black and red exclusive Recaro seats that will maximize harmony between the car and driver.

This amazing new model will be available this summer. Give us a call at Economy Nissan to find out how to get yourself a 2015 Nissan 370Z NISMO.