Nissan Drivers Make WD-40 SuperSprint Top 10 at Phillip Island, Australia

WD-40 SuperSprint top 10

It’s Nissan Racing Time

Three Nissan drivers made it into the WD-40 SuperSprint top 10 finalists, which took place during the weekend of November 20-22 on Phillip Island, Australia. The racers, all driving Nissan Altimas, were Todd Kelly, Rick Kelly, and James Moffat, with another Nissan driver, Michael Caruso, also participating in the race but not placing in the top 10.

Todd Kelly, who took fifth place in the race, saw his strongest race of the year and became the highest finishing driver in the Nissan Motorsport quartet. Rick Kelly came in sixth place even after being rear-ended by competitors, making a comeback thanks to smart use of pit stops and excellent racing.

James Moffat was the eighth place finisher, but he started off much stronger, even leading the pack at one point. A problem with his breaks forced him to fall behind and outside of the top 10, but he fought his way back in. Caruso was another driver whose misfortune caused a drop in the rankings—his rear wheels spinning during a pit stop earned a penalty that took him from the top 5 to 22nd.

Congrats to all the Nissan drivers at the WD-40 race from Economy Nissan in Durango, CO.

Nissan Crowns Next GT Academy International Champion

Nissan just can’t stop making dreams come true and has crowned the newest GT Academy International Champion – Ricardo Sanchez from Toluca, Mexico.

GT Academy International Champion

Ricardo now joins the ranks of other GT Academy champions, such as Lucas Ordonez, Jann Mardenborough, and many more. These champions have stunned the racing world by showing how someone can go from virtual to reality and not only drive well, but win races.

For the next four months, Ricardo will be in one of the most intense, advanced driver development programs in the world and will join the NISMO racing team in the Dubai 24 Hour race in January 2015.

The Nissan GT Academy International competition included hundreds of thousands of gamers from Australia, India, Mexico, the Middle East, and Thailand—each playing Gran Turismo on PlayStation to earn a spot at Race Camp. Ricardo came through the National Finals as one of 28 international competitors, representing six countries.

At Race Camp, the competitors spent six days showing off their skills both on and off the track, but ultimately, Ricardo’s hard work paid off.

Join with us here at Economy Nissan as we wish Ricardo success in his future as a NISMO athlete.