The Reason Buses Stop and Open Doors at Railroad Crossings

Have you ever been late and stuck behind a bus at a railroad crossing or have experienced a bus suddenly stopping at a railroad crossing? Chances are you have and sometimes this can be frustrating. Though it may seem like this is a meaningless task with all of the new technology and railroad track warnings, there is a reason busses do this, which includes making safety a top priority.

Railroad Crossing

About forty years ago, seatbelts were not even required let alone the invention of airbags. All of the other road safety precautions were minor and not a major priority. It was not that long ago when busses were not required to even stop at railroad crossings, let alone open their doors for a few seconds and listen for a train.

In 1938 on December 1, an event took place creating the regulation of busses to open their doors at railroad crossings. This particular night, in Salt Lake City, a nasty blizzard took place obstructing many peoples’ view. The bus driver stopped at the track, but could not see the oncoming freight train due to the snow and unfortunately the bus was hit by the train. only 14 of the 40 passengers survived, who all noted they did not see a train coming due to the blizzard as well. The bus driver knew the train schedules, so assumed everything would be fine. This night the train was delayed due to the weather and happened to run into the bus.

For this reason bus drivers are required to open their doors at railway crossings. Take a look at some of their other safety precautions school bus drivers have to take next time you are stuck behind one. You may end up very thankful these precautions are in enforced. The Economy Nissan Dealership of Durango, CO near Aztec, NM finds it important to inform their customers of the importance of safety. Next time you are caught driving in foggy or snowy weather, remember this story and how rolling down your window can help protect you and your passengers.

Nissan Breaks June US Sales Records

Nissan Pathfinder

2013 Nissan Pathfinder

So far, in 2013, the Nissan U.S. auto company is having a great year. This year, Nissan was recently named on Intrabrand’s Best Global Green Brands 2013, named Most Affordable Subcompact Sedan of 2013,, and has had great success with the Nissan Leaf and many more achievements. This June, the company sales in the U.S. increased to produce the best ever sales performance.

This June, U.S. sales for the auto giant increased 12.9% to set the new record. Overall, a total of 104,124 Nissan vehicles were sold in the US. The four main contributors to these record breaking sales include the Pathfinder, Sentra, LEAF and Altima. For June, the Pathfinder was the best seller, increasing 208.9% with 8,360 units sold. These four vehicles were not the only showstoppers; the Rouge also broke new sales records up 41.1%.

For 2014, Nissan has created the all-new 2014 Versa Note as a hatchback model. As the industry’s best selling compact car, the hatchback is predicted to produce more buyers with the class-leading fuel economy, equipped with the latest technologies, stylish design and extra room to fit buyer’s needs.

Currently, Economy Nissan in Durango, CO has all of these 2013 models. Recently, the 2014 Nissan Note arrived creating quite the buzz.

Does your Car Color Match your Personality?


Have you always wondered what your car color says about you? Do you think you can tell a lot about a person based on their car color choice? Have you ever really thought about it before? Many people believe that a car color can tell a lot about a person’s personality and why they chose the color they did. Below is a list of different car colors and what they say about the person buying it.

What different car colors mean:

  • Light Blue: calm and quiet
  • Yellow: joyful and young-at-heart, lively, whimsical
  • Dark Green: traditional, trusty, well balanced, thrifty
  • Purple: creative, individualistic, original
  • Black: empowered, not easily manipulated, love elegance, appreciate classics, mysterious, two sides to your personality
  • Dark Blue: credible, confident, dependable- car pool
  • Gray: sober, corporate, practical, boring, brilliance, charisma
  • Orange: fun loving, talkative, frickle, trendy
  • Tan: timeless, basic, simple, something to hide
  • Gold: love comfort, intelligent
  • Brown: down-to-earth

Do you agree with these different car color choices? Did they describe your personality correctly? At Economy Nissan, in Durango, CO, there are many different car colors to choose from. Find different shades of silver, metallic’s, blues, blacks, reds, pearls and many more. The day has finally arrived for you to not only pick out your favorite car, but find a color that best describes you. Find an assortment of available vehicle colors at Economy Nissan’s Website.

New York Celebrates Earth Day with Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf

2013 Nissan Leaf

It seems that in the past few years, Earth Day has gotten a much-needed spotlight in communities throughout the United States and, of course, on the internet. We all need to make efforts to become more environmentally conscious.

In today’s world, companies have to become more “green” in order to be acceptable to the American people. Nissan does its part through hybrid and all-electric cars like the Leaf, which emits 70% less carbon dioxide than the average car.

The Nissan Leaf took part in an Earth Day celebration in New York City this past week where six Leafs were introduced into the fleet of New York City taxis. Mayor Michael Bloomberg has a goal to have one third of NYC taxis be electric by 2020.

The Leaf taxis have a range of about 100 miles with the average taxi shift being 70 miles. The city will be installing quick-charging stations for drivers to charge the taxis during and between shifts. This is just the start to changing the way the taxi business operates.

Economy Nissan in Durango, CO has lots of Nissan vehicles that are fuel efficient and can save you money at the pump. Some of the more popular 2913 fuel efficient vehicles include the Nissan Altima, Nissan Pathfinder, Nissan Xterra and the Nissan Versa. For more information about these vehicles give Economy Nissan a call at 800-846-0205.