Does your Car Color Match your Personality?


Have you always wondered what your car color says about you? Do you think you can tell a lot about a person based on their car color choice? Have you ever really thought about it before? Many people believe that a car color can tell a lot about a person’s personality and why they chose the color they did. Below is a list of different car colors and what they say about the person buying it.

What different car colors mean:

  • Light Blue: calm and quiet
  • Yellow: joyful and young-at-heart, lively, whimsical
  • Dark Green: traditional, trusty, well balanced, thrifty
  • Purple: creative, individualistic, original
  • Black: empowered, not easily manipulated, love elegance, appreciate classics, mysterious, two sides to your personality
  • Dark Blue: credible, confident, dependable- car pool
  • Gray: sober, corporate, practical, boring, brilliance, charisma
  • Orange: fun loving, talkative, frickle, trendy
  • Tan: timeless, basic, simple, something to hide
  • Gold: love comfort, intelligent
  • Brown: down-to-earth

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