Experts at Good Housekeeping recommend the Nissan LEAF as “Tried and Tested”

The experts at Good Housekeeping recommend the Nissan LEAF as their top “Roomy Electric” vehicle pick in the November buyer’s guide. The LEAF is one of only eight cars selected in their annual 2014 car review, and was acknowledged for its impressive cruising range, enhanced value due to available federal and state tax incentives, and  it’s Around View Monitor (the only in its segment).

“As more than 64,000 American LEAF owners will tell you, the economics of going electric are simple: Buy a Nissan LEAF and save money by conveniently charging at home instead of paying more at the gas pump,” said Fred Diaz, senior vice president, US Nissan Sales & Marketing and Operations, in a news release. “But the real beauty of the Nissan LEAF is that it’s roomy and, best of all, fun to drive, which is why it received this honor from the Good Housekeeping Research Institute.”

Good Housekeeping recommend the Nissan LEAF

Good Housekeeping chose this year’s winners based on track performance, suburban road and highway performance, and ergonomic and convenience features of each of the vehicles.

Nissan is the global leader in electric vehicles, with more than 142,000 LEAFs sold globally, including more than 64,000 LEAF owners in the US alone. The Nissan LEAF offers roomy seating for five people, boasts an EPA-estimated driving range of 84 miles, and offers a responsive, fun-to-drive experience.

Look for the Nissan LEAF “Tried and Tested” recommendation in the November Good Housekeeping, and check out their full product review at

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Nissan Gives Amazing Gift for Reddit’s Arbitrary Day

Remember the last time you participated in a Secret Santa gift exchange? What did you come home with, maybe a jar of homemade jam or a new bestseller? No matter how much you loved your surprise gift, we’re guessing Nissan’s recent gift takes the cake.

As part of Reddit’s Arbitrary Day celebrated on June 25, Nissan was randomly paired up with Reddit user wahoowa0711, aka Mary. The rules of the Secret Santa-like exchange involve sending each other a gift with a value of at least $20.

Nissan went above and beyond the usual rules and learned what they could about their gift recipient: she lives in Virginia, likes to paint, and cares about the environment. With this knowledge, Nissan gave her the best gift ever and will have nearly 17,000 red spruce trees planted in the Central Appalachian Mountains in her name. Mary will also receive a commissioned painting of “Mary’s Grove.”

“When we learned that our gift match, Mary, had a passion for the environment we wanted to give her something that she could treasure at home… and something that would make a difference in her home state of Virginia,” Erich Marx, Director of Social Media for Nissan, told The Huffington Post. “A gift like this, 16,655 red spruce trees, fits well with Nissan’s corporate commitment to help create a more sustainable society… and with our 100-percent electric Nissan LEAF.”

Reddit’s Arbitrary Day

Well done, Nissan! Talk about a gift that keeps on giving.

Electric 2014 Nissan LEAF Slips Unnoticed through Quiet French Town

The French get a lot of flak for their seemingly distant ways, but once you get to know them, you experience how warm and loving they can be. Because of this inward show of emotion, French people tend to be more quiet than others and there’s one French village called Provence Alpes Cote d’Azur that is known as “one of the quietest villages Europe.”

2014 Nissan LEAF

Even the interior of the 2014 Nissan LEAF looks quiet

To show off the skills of the electric Nissan LEAF, and to celebrate International Noise Awareness Day, Nissan sent the LEAF on a high-speed race in the middle of the night through the streets of that quiet French town.

Also on hand was a team of filmmakers so we can see the stunt for ourselves.

Even after one bang and a smash (trash cans and side mirror), everyone in the town continued sleeping peacefully.

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