Nissan Gives Amazing Gift for Reddit’s Arbitrary Day

Remember the last time you participated in a Secret Santa gift exchange? What did you come home with, maybe a jar of homemade jam or a new bestseller? No matter how much you loved your surprise gift, we’re guessing Nissan’s recent gift takes the cake.

As part of Reddit’s Arbitrary Day celebrated on June 25, Nissan was randomly paired up with Reddit user wahoowa0711, aka Mary. The rules of the Secret Santa-like exchange involve sending each other a gift with a value of at least $20.

Nissan went above and beyond the usual rules and learned what they could about their gift recipient: she lives in Virginia, likes to paint, and cares about the environment. With this knowledge, Nissan gave her the best gift ever and will have nearly 17,000 red spruce trees planted in the Central Appalachian Mountains in her name. Mary will also receive a commissioned painting of “Mary’s Grove.”

“When we learned that our gift match, Mary, had a passion for the environment we wanted to give her something that she could treasure at home… and something that would make a difference in her home state of Virginia,” Erich Marx, Director of Social Media for Nissan, told The Huffington Post. “A gift like this, 16,655 red spruce trees, fits well with Nissan’s corporate commitment to help create a more sustainable society… and with our 100-percent electric Nissan LEAF.”

Reddit’s Arbitrary Day

Well done, Nissan! Talk about a gift that keeps on giving.