The Season for Giving!

Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year! People rush around to all sorts of stores and try and get the best deals. Well this year in order to give people a helping hand, Nissan had a Altima, and Quest at the Colorado Mills outlet mall. These new Nissans were helping provide assistance to all the customers. Weather they needed a ride or just some warm holiday season drink!

 The Nissan Quest, one of the Nissan holiday season cars.

“Both the Altima and Quest are equipped with segment-leading innovations, heated seats and plenty of cargo room – making them the perfect match to assist fatigued shoppers. Improving the shopping experience for Denver consumers on Black Friday is a great opportunity to expose people to Nissan’s innovative products first-hand” Said Jon Brancheau, the vice president of marketing in North America.

In addition to helping offer hot drinks, hand warmers and blankets on Thursday night; Nissan was there most of Friday as well. They were on hand to help carry guest and their gifts back to their cars, all while showing off  the cool Nissan technologies. ‘Tis the season for new gadgets!

Now while we weren’t able to be part of the team driving people around the Colorado Mill Outlets.  We are doing our best to get into the holiday season; although our plan helps you out a little more in the future.  Right now, we are running a sale that will allow you to take a vacation to Vegas for free!

That’s right! If you need to buy a new car this holiday season, we try to help relieve that stress by offering you a paid vacation so that after the holiday season is done you can take a break and get away! But after the year runs out, so does this deal so if you need a new car, now might be a good time.