Nissan LEAF Breaking Sales Records


Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF


Ever since released in December 2010, the Nissan LEAF has continued to increase its dominance, becoming a true auto industry competitor.  The Nissan LEAF is currently selling at unheard of rates all around big cities in the USA.

Nissan’s all-electric vehicle launched two and a half years ago and is widely successful partially due to the affordable price, updated systems and great styling. In many states drivers have been able to save thousands with the tax incentive cash back programs while also having the ability to drive in the HOV lane. Nissan EV Marketing and Sales employee, Lisa Farra describes the electric vehicle stating, “The LEAF is hot, especially the ‘S’ trim. People are buying them literally before the truck delivers them to the lot in some markets.”

Along with great styling and price, Nissan’s are known for their abundant safety features. This year the Nissan LEAF was appointed to the 2013 IHSS Top Safety Pick list. Some safety features that attributed to the title include the LEAFS good ratings in front, side, rollover and rear crash tastings.

Top 10 largest Nissan Leaf Sales Markets:

  • San Francisco- Oakland – San Jose
  • Los Angeles
  • Atlanta
  • Seattle-Tacoma
  • Portland, OR
  • Honolulu
  • San Diego
  • Nashville
  • Sacramento- Stockton- Modesto
  • St. Louis

All over people are starting to pay more attention to the Nissan LEAF. By creating an affordable zero-emission all electric vehicle, Nissan has created a unique niche for buyers. Check out what people are so excited about the Nissan LEAF at Economy Nissan in Durango, CO. Economy Nissan has a large selection of new and used vehicles.

Nissan Breaks June US Sales Records

Nissan Pathfinder

2013 Nissan Pathfinder

So far, in 2013, the Nissan U.S. auto company is having a great year. This year, Nissan was recently named on Intrabrand’s Best Global Green Brands 2013, named Most Affordable Subcompact Sedan of 2013,, and has had great success with the Nissan Leaf and many more achievements. This June, the company sales in the U.S. increased to produce the best ever sales performance.

This June, U.S. sales for the auto giant increased 12.9% to set the new record. Overall, a total of 104,124 Nissan vehicles were sold in the US. The four main contributors to these record breaking sales include the Pathfinder, Sentra, LEAF and Altima. For June, the Pathfinder was the best seller, increasing 208.9% with 8,360 units sold. These four vehicles were not the only showstoppers; the Rouge also broke new sales records up 41.1%.

For 2014, Nissan has created the all-new 2014 Versa Note as a hatchback model. As the industry’s best selling compact car, the hatchback is predicted to produce more buyers with the class-leading fuel economy, equipped with the latest technologies, stylish design and extra room to fit buyer’s needs.

Currently, Economy Nissan in Durango, CO has all of these 2013 models. Recently, the 2014 Nissan Note arrived creating quite the buzz.

New York Celebrates Earth Day with Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf

2013 Nissan Leaf

It seems that in the past few years, Earth Day has gotten a much-needed spotlight in communities throughout the United States and, of course, on the internet. We all need to make efforts to become more environmentally conscious.

In today’s world, companies have to become more “green” in order to be acceptable to the American people. Nissan does its part through hybrid and all-electric cars like the Leaf, which emits 70% less carbon dioxide than the average car.

The Nissan Leaf took part in an Earth Day celebration in New York City this past week where six Leafs were introduced into the fleet of New York City taxis. Mayor Michael Bloomberg has a goal to have one third of NYC taxis be electric by 2020.

The Leaf taxis have a range of about 100 miles with the average taxi shift being 70 miles. The city will be installing quick-charging stations for drivers to charge the taxis during and between shifts. This is just the start to changing the way the taxi business operates.

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